Is It Ever Okay To Throw Food Away?

Is it ever okay to throw food away? I was raised to finish my meal, which was always whatever was shared out for me. Many different family members often told me, ‘don’t waste food, people are starving in…’      I remember eating everything until my serving was gone. Even though I was not hungry sometimes,Continue reading “Is It Ever Okay To Throw Food Away?”

Night Routine

Last night I realised I’ve created a night routine that works for me. Before, I used to eat late and wonder why I couldn’t sleep later on. I would toss and turn, then text and view – a plethora of nonsensical things available online. Imagine, I would lay in bed feeling exhausted but unable toContinue reading “Night Routine”


It only takes one word, one action, one thought. Anxiety eats through me, like Bloody Mary’s onslaught. I try not to think, but I think over and over. I speak, and nothing makes sense, anxiety takes over. Most times, I manage it and peace keeps me going. Meditations in the morning, Chilled Cow tones flowing.Continue reading “Anxiety”

Blue Monday

Blue is a beautiful colour. Don’t allow society to influence you into believing Mondays are blue and everyone feels down. That is not the case. I feel great! It’s Monday; it’s a new week 😊 Be present, be positive and be YOU. Who else is better to experience your life? Yep, we all know lifeContinue reading “Blue Monday”

No Lbs Lost

No Lbs Lost When I step on the scale and see that I have not lost any weight, but equally have not gained. I don’t promote negative energy to dwell on the fact that I’ve not lost any weight. Instead, I focus on the weight I’ve not gained, and this comforts me. I wonder whatContinue reading “No Lbs Lost”

Shopping, shopping, stop!

Shopping, Shopping, Stop! I went shopping while hungry, I bought vegan pizza, spicy wedges, apple juice and mushrooms. I’m tired though. I got home and unpacked my shopping and saw I had bought, vegan pizza, spicy wedges, apple juice, mushrooms, pringles, bagels, coco-powder, hand-wash, cotton pads, curry powder, peppers and other things I don’t need.Continue reading “Shopping, shopping, stop!”

Long Days

Long days like this, long days like that, I stretch here and there. I wish I wasn’t. Long days at work, breed temptation to want to consume sugar. I need energy! I want biscuits. I have a sweet tea. But the energy is short-lived. The energy is short-lived. The weight gain is slowly creeping in.Continue reading “Long Days”

Don’t Eat Carbs

I’m tired of hearing/reading the following statements: ‘Don’t eat carbs; they make you fat!’ ‘I’m sticking with meat only; carbs are bad for you,’ ‘I’m only having a tiny bit of carbs, and I don’t wanna get fat.’ Those statements are common, amongst many others. I’m tired of hearing them! Not only are they wrong,Continue reading “Don’t Eat Carbs”

Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls Years ago, I used to enjoy feeling peckish, as it was a signal for me to visit Greggs and purchase a sausage roll x2. Feed myself and gorge on these cheap eats and real meats. I look back and accept I did that. I was lured by their definition of a bargain. ButContinue reading “Sausage Rolls”

Friday – Weigh Day

Friday – Weigh Day For many of you around the world, Friday is the day you weigh yourself to check if you’ve lost any weight? I don’t agree with this day! I find that by weighing yourself on the cusp of the weekend and finding out that you’ve either gained or not lost any weight;Continue reading “Friday – Weigh Day”

I See You

I See You I often pretend that you don’t exist, as if I’ve no idea what you look like, or rather, who you look like. After my shower, the mirror in the bathroom is too steamy to notice. Other mirrors are lost? Unneeded. As I go about my daily activities, I catch glimpses of youContinue reading “I See You”


Temptations They are all around me, and I’m often losing time dreaming about them. Chips and curry sauce! I love the taste, I won’t ever lie to you. The aroma lures me in, and I’m often weak! I give in and purchase a nice hot portion of chips, with curry sauce in a small pot.Continue reading “Temptations”

Body Parts

Body Parts I have one body, I have many parts. I dote on some parts and wish others were better looking. Why do I do this? Why do you do this? Why do we behave in this manner? Society consistently tells us, through voice, words and images that we should look a certain way. OnceContinue reading “Body Parts”

Why Plant-Based?

Why PlantBased? For the Animals Years ago, I was off work due to feeling ill. While in bed and when I owned a television, I clicked onto a link via Twitter. It took me to YouTube – A video of workers shoving metal tubes down the throats of geese, force-feeding them to make Foie Gras!Continue reading “Why Plant-Based?”