The Story of Unique Fatso

Unique Fatso

*Disclaimer, this was written a while ago.

I can’t remember how old I was exactly. But I know I was young.
A small booklet arrived with the daily post and was placed in the fruit-bowl by one of my family members. During breakfast, I picked it up and was looking through it, my stepfather entered and pulled on the corner of it. After turning a few pages, he said, ‘you see if I were a girl, I would aspire to be a size 10.’ He then pushed it back toward me and walked away laughing.
I closed the brochure and left the kitchen, heading upstairs to cry. I was never a fat child, I was a part of the sprint team, netball, and running and even swimming. But that moment was to change my life forever.
I remember sitting in my cupboard and placing the earphones in my ears, skipping to track 10 of Rainbow by Mariah Carey and playing it over and over again. ‘…still, I cry, I cry, I cry…’ And that’s all I did, was cry. Not for the true meaning of the song but because my stepfather had just killed any confidence I had.

From then onwards, more and more comments came along and more, and more people joined in:
‘Sorry, I can’t stop staring at your ass, it’s so big.’ – Cousin
‘Look how big your thighs are, ha-ha they’re huge.’ – Aunt (Mother of a cousin)
‘Don’t you think you should join a gym, you look like Fatso from Casper.’ – Grandmother
‘You should stick to salad.’ – Grandmother.
‘Can’t you see how fat you’re getting, you look disgusting.’ – Grandmother

I began to eat more food. I stopped running, swimming, and I tried my best to avoid family gatherings. One of which was my Grandmothers birthday. It was held at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I was so ashamed of my body image that I wore; very long and extra wide black trousers, oversized black t-shirt and a long black cardigan. (Surely, weight gain was gradual but visible.) My Grandmother arrived in a short white dress that had a fluffy rabbits tale on the rear and the Playboy bunny logo on the side. To complement her dress, she wore glass slippers, that had feathers on the toe and white feathered bow around her neck. As she walked past everyone, she paused and said to me, ‘what? Are you jealous?’ I turned my head and continued to eat my broccoli and Chinese chicken curry.

Scenarios similar to that one continued, and for many years, I was forced to endure this. I often wished I could find a large amount of money and have surgery. I longed for one of these people to compliment me. I stopped going out with friends, I stopped making new friends. I found refuge in the thriller section of the school library. With a few bottles of fizzy pop (soda,) bags of sweets, packets of chocolates and often a muffin or two.
Key members of my family made me feel irrelevant. I often dreamt of a life without me being here. I often dreamt of having a stepfather that supported me like his own, a grandmother that loved me for an extended family that didn’t have an invested interest in my waistline and me.
Infrequently, I would vividly dream about my own death. How they would celebrate at my funeral with ample amounts of food and drink. Irony.

Because of the negative connotations surrounding my body, I had no confidence. Whenever people visited the house, I raced upstairs to my bedroom. During the summer, I avoided going outside…unless I had to.
Because of this mental abuse (which is precisely what it was), I grew up believing that I would never love or be loved. I grew up with a belief embedded in my mind that I was indeed ugly and unlovable.

As a child growing up surrounded by key members in your life, many are telling you that you’re fat and ugly. It is tough to differentiate what is the reality and what is their deluded viewpoint. As a teenager, I struggled immensely when boys showed even the slightest bit of interest, I walked away. I became a recluse, spent endless hours upon hours just daydreaming about a new life, a new body, a new look, a whole new family – well, stepfather, cousins, aunties, uncles, and Grandmother. Not much, I guess.

Today, I no longer speak to those members of my family. The last time I saw my Grandmother was last year on her birthday. She called out to me, I looked at her and continued on my way. I can’t bring myself talk to her anymore, and now that I’m older, I simply don’t have to.
Everyone should realise that abuse isn’t just of a physical nature. Mental abuse cuts just as deep, and the blows can leave an individual unconscious for a lifetime.
Fortunately, I woke up.

Unique Fatso

Nostalgic Snacking? Yaaaaas Fatso!

Food by Fatso: Large Penne Pasta, Garlic and Tomato Sauce with Cracked Black Pepper

📸: Unique Fatso

Weight? It’s Wednesday! – 23.06.2021

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Reflections: Week 7 – C25K

Reflections – C25K – Week 7

Week 7 was a bumper week. First, I had to sort out a replacement laptop to continue working on my studies. Second, I also had to work on my mental health, as I felt pretty low since my laptop broke down during a crucial time in my life, which hindered my motivation levels for week 7 of my C25K.

Nevertheless, I went out for walks, and while they were shorter than before, I also spent some time journaling and went out for dinner. That meal was the first meal that I’ve been out for in over two years – I know this sounds pretty sad, but it’s just due to the pandemic and my commitments.

Week 7 has taught me that I need to make sure I have moments where I go out to eat or visit a museum or something unrelated to home life. I can’t honestly say that I’ve put my all into this plan, as my mind has been so up & down with everything I need to complete this month. However, I can say that I’m much stronger than before, and I’m getting around a lot quicker in the duration of time that I go out to train.

If anyone out there is considering starting the Couch to 5 K challenge, I implore you to GO FOR IT! Live your best life and enjoy incorporating this brilliant workout plan that will help you to become a healthier version of yourself.


Unique Fatso

Fatso’s Food: Lunch – 22.06.2021

Tea Time – 22.06.2021

Good Vibes!

Time to De-Stress with BUBBLES

Hay-fever! Please, Leave me ALONE!

Fat Fridays: The Evolution of Unique – 18.06.2021

Fat Fridays – 18.06.2021

The Evolution of Unique

From time to time, I reflect upon where I am at this moment in my life. Since I started my journey in 2019, I have evolved a lot in this space of time. It all started with my decision to stop eating animal meat.

Today, I find myself spending more time selecting fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses. As opposed to the long durations I used to spend trying to match a deal on beef burgers, pizzas and fish fingers. Those rotten Mix n Match deals roping me in to spend endless pounds on pieces of a life that once had eyes and blinked.

The evolution of Unique did not stop there, and I’m consistently reading, learning more and implementing some choices into my daily living. I’m proud of my growth on my journey and from deep within my soul. Five years ago, I would never have thought that I could live without consuming meat. Today, I devour roasted chickpeas and sing to the society I reside in about how excellent avocados are for women during menstruation. I’ll be the first to highlight that I’m no expert in this way of life. However, I can confidently convey that adopting a plant-based life is one of the most rewarding actions a person can take.

I trust the signs from my body, how my skin glows naturally and how amazing I feel more often than not – since making healthier changes.

It is imperative that we all look back to see the change, remember the reasons and step forward positively, knowing that your stride is in the direction most aligned to a healthier life.


Unique Fatso

During Menstruation

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we need to take extra care of ourselves during our period.

This month I have craved salty foods and bought salty foods to feed my salty desires. However, it was wrong of me to react that way to something I’m expecting and know how to manage when it arrives.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we need to take special care of ourselves during menstruation. For example, I bought a bag of chips with curry sauce, and the first few bites were delightful. However, my stomach began to hurt shortly after – salty foods during menstruation are self-destructive. I think because I had been going through a stressful time in my life, I turned to food and approved the purchase with the fact that ‘I’m on my period.’

Any food containing sugar or salt will exacerbate the pain you feel and lower your mood after bringing you up on a high for like 10 minutes. Please be mindful of your needs vs wants vs desire.

My needs: Something that will soothe the physical pain I’m feeling and lift my low mood. (Avocado and banana are great.)

My wants were chips, chips, a blueberry muffin and even more chips.

My desires, to have a pain free period where I’m fresh with vibrant energy and well-rested from my daily duties.

Remember, only you can make menstruation better, aim to fuel and soothe with healthy choices, as opposed to giving in to salt and sugar.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

Reflections: C25K – Week 6

Reflections: C25K – Week 6

Last week was a challenging week, my laptop broke down, and I hadn’t backed up everything. I cried, cried and cried some more. But crying doesn’t solve an issue. Instead, it seeks to prolong it.

I sought help and was ignored by people who are there to help.

I turned to family and friends and found solace – I know a broken laptop is nothing to some people, but I have a degree to complete and indeed blog posts to create and share.

Week 6 involved a lot of walking, and that was good; I ran once, and for the most part, I  wanted to get through the week and have some time for myself. However, it was the most stressful week I have had this month – being transparent, and this C25K was not at the forefront of my mind. However, I got up and went out and walked.

Life can bump through and knock you off your path and out of your lane. It can place an empty plastic bottle, broken glass or a deceitful person in your way and push you into a pit of darkness. However, I had to step up and climb out of this crap and continue.

Week 6 taught me that the only one I can depend upon is myself, first and foremost. Then trusted friends and family second. A training plan is challenging to remain consistent with, especially when the perils of life break down during your day. But, getting through week six has shown me that I can do this and grow to become a better version of the woman I am today.

‘Keep ya head up, even when the roads are hard, never give up.’ – Tupac Shakur

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

Weight? It’s Wednesday! 16.06.2021

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Vegan Summers are Cooler

📸: Unique Fatso
📸: Unique Fatso

Delightful, Delicious and Plant-Based 🌱

📸: Unique Fatso
📸: Unique Fatso
📸: Unique Fatso

Weight? It’ s Wednesday! 09.06.2021

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Wednesday Wisdom 09.06.2021

C25K: Week Five Reflections – 31.05.2021

Week five was a week worth of walking; a combination of the high temperatures and stress levels on the increase in general areas of my life had me feeling like giving up on the training plan.

A mixture of the past cutting into the present, tempting me to revert to laziness.

I walked daily, six days out of seven, and each time I felt the benefit to my mental health. There were times I wanted to stay indoors, in bed and do nothing. It was interesting to see how much energy goes into feeding a negative mindset instead of the positives.

On another note, I realised my running tights feel a little looser than usual. Which on a typical day, I would’ve been feeling happy at the 2lb weight loss. However, I found it annoying as I kept having to stop and pull up my running tights.

I mean, where do I find suitable running gear? It fits great for a few months, then slides down my body as if I’ve lost two stones instead of 2 lbs.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

Talented Tuesdays: Broccoli – 08.06.2021

Another Tuesday has arrived, and today we showcase BROCCOLI!

Broccoli is a delightful Fatso favourite:

  • Plant source of protein.
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals (I need iron.)
  • An excellent food for weight loss, better health and a great source of fibre.
  • It contains high levels of antioxidants which is brilliant for your cells.

Fruits and vegetables improve so many elements of your life. Therefore, your body deserves to be treated well.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

Motivational Mondays – 07.06.2021

Fat Fridays: No, I Will NOT!

I’m tired of being the one to step up and mend the cracks.

They formed because you keep on leaning on my mind. Taking pieces, slice by slice, like a greedy person.

Like anyone else, I need time to myself too.

I have days where I do nothing, and that is great for my mind you keep harvesting pieces from.

When I felt I needed you, you, my friend, vanished during my time of dark nights and blue days.

For the sake of my sanity, I will not cater to your selfish needs. When you need me, you cry, scream, and act as if ED209 is coming for your head. But, I forgot, our world, sorry, my life revolves around you.

No, I will not be the one you use.

No, I will not be the drain for your issues.

No, I will not answer a call to hear complaints and no positive action.

It is inevitable that for humans to progress in this life, we need to help one another. However, it will not come at the cost of any detrimental impact on my mental health.

Don’t be afraid to say, ‘no.’

Remember, you are a Queen and placing yourself first is perfectly fine.

Be confident and know that your mental health matters.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

Weight? It’s Wednesday! 02.06.2021

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Welcome June

Welcome June

Today marks the beginning of a new month.

It’s time to start something new or to build on your existing framework for success for your health journey.

We have reached halfway through the year, and restrictions are slowly lifting; we are venturing outside and trying to get back to a sense of normalcy.

I hope to lose 10lbs this month and continue to benefit from taking B12 supplements. I will complete my @greatrun Couch to 5K training plan. I have enjoyed each session so far and will become a fluent runner by October this year.

I’m happy that the sun is shining and the weather is delightful—time to slip into summery attire and remain cool during my outdoor workouts.

If you fell short last month and did not meet all your goals – start again today! Forgive yourself and don’t hold onto any negative feelings. Remember, you have the power and authority to enhance your life by eating better and working out.

June is your month – own it, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Take time to taste fruits and vegetables that you’ve never tasted. Learn a new plant-based recipe and be sure to increase your fitness.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

End of Month Reflections: May 2021

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Plant Based Dinner: Roasted Chickpeas, Santini Tomatoes, Brown Rice, Vegan Salad-cream

📸: Unique Fatso

Fat Fridays: Off the Mark 28.05.2021

This week has been challenging, though it started well.

History came zapping through my phone and pinging on WhatsApp with a ‘Hey, Unique…’ the innocence of the opening-line opened up that tiny door in my heart. Then blasted through with a missile, forcing my eyes to focus on reality.

In short? There is no short. Shit happened back then, and what I thought was happening, I was told it wasn’t. This week I receive confirmation that what I thought it was,  at the time, it was!

This event impacted my mental health adversely. I mean, someone gaslighting me and only now returning to put out the fire? After it has burnt through my core and promoted negative feelings about my entire existence.

This week I turned to chocolate biscuits, chips and curry sauce and extra chips.

I cannot explain why? I knew it was wrong but, I did it anyway.

Upon reflection, I should have talked it through with a trusted friend or wrote about it in my journal. My point is, it is normal to feel down from time to time; the critical thing is to make your next step positive.

Step in the name of respect for yourself and remember that emotional eating is detrimental to your health journey. Don’t allow negative people to pull up at your table.


Weight? It’s Wednesday! – 26.05.2021

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Body Positivity: Love Yourself First!

Hey Beautiful People,

Yesterday I had some downtime, where I played some music [Ice T – TEMS] and made this short video on Snapchat.

I usually avoid photos, videos and indeed meetings online – I have spent many years putting this down to ‘shyness’; however, I realised this weekend that it isn’t shyness that I’m feeling. I feel nervous about certain things. I mean, I have blue hair and wear red lipstick (my superpowers, lol.)

Society depicts a certain standard of beauty and burns the image into the minds of the masses whilst searing the nonsensical notion that we all can’t be beautiful in some way, shape or form.

We aren’t made to please a cookie-cutter standard of beauty! We can bring positive energy into our world and enhance it to become better today.

‘Hurt, people, hurt people!’

We all need to be kind and remember that true beauty starts from within. We do not need to conform to the opinion that we should look a certain way. (My body is my body)

I implore you all to love yourself first and be proud that you are here, right now. Please remember, EVERY HEARTBEAT COUNTS. Allow yours to beat towards a positive mindset.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

Reflection: Week Four – 22.05.2021

This week I have been menstruating. I planned to go for a jog on Wednesday, but I never felt so good.

I have been feeling under the weather; my GP reckons it may be a seasonal bug. Symptoms should pass in 24-48 hours.

The good news is I finally have a new pair of trainers that fit perfectly, and this means I can now discard my old pair. One foot had a small hole, and the tread mainly had worn away, and the wet weather would go right through it. I’m not into shopping, and I never treat myself, as I infrequently have moments where I convince myself I’m not worthy of new things.

It all sounds strange? Yeah, you could say that, and I might have agreed, had it not been for the fact that I know myself and I know how self-deprecating I can be. Especially when it comes to doing what many find easy, ‘shopping!’

Week 4 reflections? Nothing to report, I’m afraid; I need to rest up and get some Pineapple Prescription into my body to heal myself. Get back to training and drop some more lbs.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

Fat Fridays: Pinch My Fat! 21.05.2021


I’m Unique Fatso!

I’m curvy; yes, I have curves. Some pinchable fat – it’s smooth in my hands.

Trust me, I’m warm in the winter, and well, I’m familiar with my shape, my size, my curves – the operative word being ‘MY.’

Hurt people wake up regularly, crawl the web regularly, troll those that don’t fit their vision of beauty and hurt them or at least try.

We all need to be a size 0 or something around a single digit in size. Well, I heard the ignorance, and I disengaged with all negative energy. I repeat, ‘my body is my body.’ I carry my weight and own my size.

When I run and my fat jiggles and wiggles around, it’s my fat, all mine.

Why do you concern yourself with the measurements of my body? It’s not as if you’re paying for the food I eat or motivating me to get up and work out. You’re not even leaving a kind word or two.

You seek to hurt people because you’re hurting.                

I’m aware of my flaws, obvious imperfections and novice awareness of many aspects surrounding health and nutrition. However, I’m learning about food and what my body needs, losing weight, and the fitness my body enjoys.

Here I am, pinching my fat! Because it’s mine, and I can do just that.

You’re not obligated to follow, comment, view or even subscribe.

My body is my body.

My curves are my curves.

My fat is my FAT.

Choose kindness always.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

Weight? It’s Wednesday! 19.05.2021

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Thank You! 300 Subscribers!

I have been swamped trying to sort out and balance various aspects of my life, including my diet, fitness and overall mental health and wellbeing. I mean, the past 18 months have been unprecedented and misrepresented.

However, I must pause for a moment to thank every one of my subscribers!

I value your constant support and the source of strength you deliver to me, both during my times of joy and sadness. I’m grateful to be a part of an online community that strives to uplift and empower one another to become healthier versions of ourselves.

During my quiet moments, I have some time to read other blogs and learn from their posts. I find it heart-warming that there’s so much support and appreciation for all on their health journeys. Trust me; it is beautiful to see, hear and be a part of this day and age.

Once again, thank you all!

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

Reflection: C25K – Week 3

What a phenomenal week of training!

I trained for 6/7 days with 4/7 days dedicated to the plan. I admit that it had taken me an age to push through and get dressed. I had many occasions where I would tell myself that ‘this plan is not for me, I can’t make it! I’m not a runner.’

However, I got up and got outside – oh, the joy I get from jogging.

I take pride in every slow step I take into becoming a fitter woman. I see people race right past me, and I smile – I’m happy to see them and equally happy I’m on the right pathway to improving my health and lifestyle.

On Sunday the 16th of May, I had completed session four, and during this session, my legs felt tired at times. But I persevered, and gee, I felt great. Upon returning home, I found that my FitBit friend was close to winning the Weekend Warrior challenge. Therefore, I started marching on the spot until I passed 10,000 steps.

I then had a nice hot shower and then napped for a few hours.

I recommend C25K training for everyone – week three has been the best week so far.

I should also highlight that this training has boosted my mental health to the point where I feel a positive mindset and value it even more after exercise.

Live a healthy life


Unique Fatso

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