The Marble Jar Method

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only endorse products that I use personally and have something positive to share with you all. Items Required X2 Glass Jars X1 Bag of Marbles X3 Sticky Labels X1 Sharpie Pen Good Morning Everyone, I do hope your weight-loss journey is going positive for you?Continue reading “The Marble Jar Method”

Food Glorious Food

For years and I mean years, I found solace in food. Whenever I was sad, happy, bored or relaxed I found eating food made me feel? Different each time. Preparing the food, I salivated – I knew I was making something I ‘really’ wanted to eat.      Rather than having 2 bacon rashers, I wouldContinue reading “Food Glorious Food”

Blue Monday

Blue is a beautiful colour. Don’t allow society to influence you into believing Mondays are blue and everyone feels down. That is not the case. I feel great! It’s Monday; it’s a new week 😊 Be present, be positive and be YOU. Who else is better to experience your life? Yep, we all know lifeContinue reading “Blue Monday”