Dinner: Jackfruit 🌱

My dinner on 07.06.2020 I’m not one for writing down instructions and recipes, this was created by adding veg to a pot. Jack-fruit Red pepper Asparagus – thin tipped Pilau rice Carrots Tomatoes Onion Black pepper sesame seeds This was delicious! I always feel happy when I prepare my own meals, I know exactly whatsContinue reading “Dinner: Jackfruit 🌱”

What to Wear?

What to Wear? At the start of my health journey, I knew I wanted to work out and get fitter, but I wasn’t sure what to wear. I read that its best just to put on an old t-shirt, shorts and trainers and get going. But when I did that, I wasn’t comfortable.      IContinue reading “What to Wear?”

Mind Free

Mind Free Earlier this week, I felt stifled with my life. Everyone inside and out just taking up space it was impossible to breathe. I find that when I can’t think straight, I prefer to be alone – even when people are just trying to help and offer advice. I’m highly indecisive when put onContinue reading “Mind Free”

Independent Improvements

Independent Improvements Once upon a time, a time long, long ago. I needed advice, I needed to know what to do and when to do it? How to begin and why? All I found was skinny models inside magazines, wearing swimwear and posing with pieces of fruit between their lips. I asked friends and oneContinue reading “Independent Improvements”