Fat Fridays: Happy Holidays! Eat, Drink & Gain a Few lbs?


Overeating during the festive period.

When I was a meat-eater, throughout the festive period, I used to go wild with over-eating. I was immersed into those succulent phrases, ‘It’s fine, It’s Christmas!’ and ’Everyone gains a few more pounds during the winter.’

I admit I loved hearing those sweet sounds, they formed reassurances to my mind. Constantly letting me know that it’s fine to eat and eat and eat. Which was exactly what I did.

Today, I wonder why we consume so much? Why the notion of gluttony? Is acceptable during the winter but not the spring? Why it’s acceptable to have extra helpings and fill our bodies until we are fit to burst? Why one plate for dinner isn’t enough and we feel the need to push one another to eat even more? Why do many of us drink until we throw up?

The winter season is strange like we use it as an excuse to be greedy. Like we stamp it in our diaries as a justification to over-indulge.

Back then I would begin (additional) over-eating from early November, ever-increasing over the period leading up to the festivities. And yes! You rightly guessed, everything I was swallowing was either deep-fried in fat or smothered in butter! Many of the cakes I scoffed without a thought to share, were boosted with whipped cream and devoured with all my selfish thoughts in mind.


Today I’m not as greedy!

All my meals derive from plants and the majority are healthy and enjoyable. My family support my health journey by preparing plant-based meals when I visit. Back then I was ignorant to the knowledge and wisdom I’ve developed over the years.

Today I share with you a few tips to navigate through this period of festivities:

  1. Shop Smart – Make a list of everything healthy you need to buy and stick to that list!
  2. Buy Fresh – When it comes to a plant-based diet, the best thing to do is buy fresh. Foods such as bananas, mushrooms, onions etc, I find that fresh is best.
  3. Continue to Cook – By preparing your meals, you know exactly what is inside each dish and can, therefore you may rest easy knowing you ate well today.
  4. Proper Portions – Think! What do you need to feel satisfied? One reasonable sized plate of food is better than plates of food. Load your plate with greens and you’ll feel better.
  5. Don’t overindulge – dishes that sweeten your heart and melt your soul, are to be enjoyed infrequently.

I know too well the ideas drenched in sugar, in the disguise of ‘something good!’ Society pushes into our ears, like the sweet sounds of the tweets of a newborn bird.

Please remember! This festive season will be healthier, as you’ll make healthier decisions and implement better practices.

You have the mental strength and capacity to stick to ‘living a healthy life.’

You can make better choices and benefit from a plant-based diet.

The festive season does not need to remain as an excuse you gained weight. Make it a reason to enhance your health journey.

You will accomplish all your health goals – stay focused!


Unique Fatso

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