WTF: I Ate Too Much

‘Oh, my word! I’ve overeaten every night the past few days.’ – A Human ‘I’ve gained so much weight! I’ve been so stressed out lately and I needed those comforts.’ – A Human ‘Yeah, I’ve had a lot of takeaways recently. But I’m bored indoors and well, food tastes good.’ – A Human What theContinue reading “WTF: I Ate Too Much”

Fridays with Fatso

At my heaviest weight, the scales displayed 19 Stones and 4lbs. I can’t tell you how hard this is for me to write. I’m ashamed of myself for eating my way to that size. This week has been a challenging week, due to some thing’s I’m dealing with in my personal life. Not many peopleContinue reading “Fridays with Fatso”

About Earlier: Plant Based Burger & Co

I’m always hearing people express their perceived losses if they chose to switch to a plant-based diet. ‘But I won’t be able to eat burgers and I love burgers!’ Honestly, I get that change is scary and when it involves giving up something that you have been taught to love, i.e. eating animals; I doContinue reading “About Earlier: Plant Based Burger & Co”