Tiger Tiger

Tiger TigerYears ago, I boarded a scale, comparing the results to a Health Weight Chart, which informs me I’m overweight. I know such charts are there to provide users with what may be deemed as factual information, but it doesn’t fill me with hope. It delivers anxiety to me, in bulk.What it tells me isContinue reading “Tiger Tiger”


Down Sometimes you’ll feel down and wonder what’s the point in all of this? You’ll doubt your ability to choose health and stick with your fantastic choices in life. You know deep down that choosing health is the best thing for your life. Choosing plant-based is a bonus! You’ll still doubt yourself and question isContinue reading “Down”


A few months ago, I wrote about the bad pains I get, that is heightened during my monthly menstruation. After a horrible appointment with my GP and a subsequent complaint. I was booked in for an ultrasound last year. Which I became scared of and cancelled. Fast-forward to 2020, and I brave it and attendContinue reading “Bean”

Missing Out? Really?

Missing Out? Really? Them: ‘Unique, I really don’t understand how you can survive without eating meat!’ Unique: ‘Well, I’ve been plant-based for a few months now. Can you still see me?’ Them: ‘I personally couldn’t live without meat! You’re brave!’ Unique: ‘I think you’re brave to continuously eat from a life that once had aContinue reading “Missing Out? Really?”

What’s in Your Basket?

I went shopping this week and bought: Potatoes Cabbage Onions Carrots Mushrooms Beetroot Cucumber Tomatoes Green Smoothie Packs Berry Smoothie Packs Velvet Houmous Lettuce Spinach Cherries Wholegrain pitta-bread I also had a pack of 4 sugar ring doughnuts in my basket, but thought, there’s no point. So I left them at the counter. I hadContinue reading “What’s in Your Basket?”

Fatso’s Curves

There she stands in running tights. Like a second skin covering her skin. Wrapped around her to deliver a comfortable run, as she wants to be healthier but not THIN. The brand is Adidas and the style is patterned. Size is XL so she must not fatten (anymore) Through the city she will run, albeitContinue reading “Fatso’s Curves”

Hello Unique Fatso

Hello I’m ridiculously shy! I’m and I’m an #introvert However, it’s a new year and we all have things in common. Mine is to lose weight and become a healthier woman. 2020 #HealthyNewYear #WeightlossJourney #Motiv8 #ChooseHeath #ChooseYou #ChoosePlantBased🌱💚🌱 ‘Check out my blog’ #FollowMyJourney #UniqueFatso @uniquefatso #LivingMyBestLife

Christmas Day Running

Christmas Day Running It’s Christmas Day – Today marks a day that many people around the world will be opening gifts and stuffing their faces with too much food. I’m off for a morning run – haven’t been out running in a while. I’m nervous! It’s starting over again. But shyness won’t allow me toContinue reading “Christmas Day Running”

Labels! I am?

Labels! I am? I ordered Chinese food last week, egg-less fried rice, chips and curry sauce in a tray, vegetarian spring rolls. I had a busy week and was up late completing a few creative pieces. It arrived late. I opened the packaging and discovered that it was egg-fried rice…I was annoyed, deeply annoyed. ButContinue reading “Labels! I am?”


Daisy I would like to take a moment to share with you some fond memories of our dear friend Daisy. She was friendly, adorable and more importantly, her heart was real. Daisy loved the calf she bore, and pain consumed her thereafter. For we ripped her baby from her teat and strained her milk forever,Continue reading “Daisy”

99p Is It Worth It?

99P Is It Worth It? Before A few years ago, I used to visit McDonald’s and purchase two double cheese-burgers, two portions of fries and sometimes two apple pies. I would always ask the Cashier to place them into two separate bags and smile while saying, ‘I’m getting lunch today for a friend.’ 99p wasContinue reading “99p Is It Worth It?”