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It’s hard to decide on what to snack on let alone what the best portion is? I find snacks challenging, as I shop weekly, to ensure that I have fresh fruits and vegetables in, for the random meals I prepare. But I don’t like to buy too much of something, through fear of wasting it.

When it comes to snacks, I must admit, I find it difficult. Advice out there says to plan! But some days I wake up and I don’t fancy eating something I may have considered a banana beforehand, only to change my mind.

I love food and I like to have a few options. Which leads me to these delicious green plantain chips by Grace. I had originally purchased the sweet packs a few months ago. However, a pregnant family member munched them all to herself. LOL.

Last week, I purchased a single pack of salted plantain chips and today was the first time I fancied snacking on them. They are delicious! And in addition to their lovely taste, they are gluten-free and high in fibre.

Snacks? What’s the best snack you can choose to help you to lose weight and not feel guilty? Well, I can’t answer for everyone – remember we are all unique. For instance, my body loves avocado when I’m menstruating. Homemade brownies are beautiful, but that does not equate to a slimmer waistline.

My advice on snacking would be to have a variety of snacks so you don’t become bored. But also to remember to drink water first. You have no way of knowing if your hungry pain is hunger or thirst. So drink water, wait around 5 minutes and then snack.

I don’t snack daily; I’ve increased my water intake – which leads to more frequent trips to the loo. I find that I snack during menstruation and as much as I crave a warm, moist, chocolate-brownie, served with vanilla ice-cream. I push myself to devour a glass of water and a banana or load up on a plant-based smoothie.

Top Tips for Effective Snacking?

  • Try a few things and note down how you feel and what you like the most, etc.
  • If you prefer to buy snacks from the super-market, always read the labels! Not only for its nutritional content but for the ingredients.
  • Don’t be afraid to bake your own – brownies, flapjacks, protein bites etc. *With homemade, you know exactly what is inside.
  • If you look at a snack and think it is too small, don’t double up. Have that portion and distract yourself from the extra temptation.
  • I don’t believe chocolate bars fit into the category of healthy snacks. However, if you feel you need chocolate, I recommend dark chocolate, my favourite is mint flavoured or salted caramel.


  • You are in control of your food consumption.
  • Be kind to your body and snack wisely.
  • Know that you are capable of healthy snacking.


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Grace Sweet Plantain Chips

Grace Salted Plantain Chips

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