Work Hard

Nothing can be successfully achieved by doing nothing. One must strive to work hard at everything they do, to reap the benefits of success. I know it can be difficult to remain focused or even motivated on your goals, no matter the size. Remember that while the notion, ‘work hard’ is easy to say andContinue reading “Work Hard”

Focus: It’s Okay

I’ve been feeling blue along with my fellow peers on this earth. So much has happened and all seems to be hitting us at once! Well known people dying this year, COVID-19 making the whole world stop and those common feelings of self-doubt and restlessness. Then the spotlight on the murders in police uniforms –Continue reading “Focus: It’s Okay”

Mind Free

Mind Free Earlier this week, I felt stifled with my life. Everyone inside and out just taking up space it was impossible to breathe. I find that when I can’t think straight, I prefer to be alone – even when people are just trying to help and offer advice. I’m highly indecisive when put onContinue reading “Mind Free”