Fat Fridays: Super-power 27.11.2020


For many years I avoided photos!

I’ve always felt that I was too fat, too unattractive and too unworthy to have a photo taken. And whenever I saw myself in random photos, I used to feel disgusted. ‘Like, look at you! UGLY!’

When I started buying my clothes, I always opted for dark shades, baggy fit and of course something mundane. After all, I never felt I was good enough to wear anything pretty.

I never felt I was beautiful enough to show any skin.

I never felt I was confident enough to wear red!

I was simply existing behind the shadows of the camera flash.

I had decided to make excuses to be absent from events – birthday parties, weddings and even funerals. There was this deep feeling inside me, that I did not deserve to be there. I was greedy and fat! *Only models can have super-powers

This Year!

It’s 2020!

A few weeks ago, I put on two shades of lipstick by Mac – Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I pouted just as the camera counted down from 3…2…1 before taking this shot!

Lip pout – SNAP.

Unique Fatso

Here I am.

I feel most confident wearing red-lipstick!

I can’t describe it but I feel super!

I’m a few stones off of my goal weight, my stomach jiggles when I’m running and cellulite is present on my thighs. But hey! I’m wearing red lipstick and I feel wonderful.

I don’t work out every day, I’m a sucker for a bag of chips and curry sauce. Feeling guilty after consumption. Only this shade is so complimentary and I LOVE IT!

I love who I was.

I love who I am.

I love who I’m becoming.

2020 has been a year of growth, deep transformative personal growth. I’ve listened to my body and honoured the wishes of my heart.

I am Unique Fatso!

Take time to discover what your super-powers are? Embrace your mind, body and soul.

You are a key member of our universe.

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