You’ve Gained Weight!

You stepped on the scales this week and seen the increase in your weight. This could be due to various factors, such as menstruation (for females,) or an emotional event. When I’ve experienced something that has caused me a great deal of emotion, I’ve turned to food and not just any food – I’ve gorgedContinue reading “You’ve Gained Weight!”

Rewards of Eating Right!

In my previous post, I spoke briefly about becoming ill due to not eating properly and allowing my anxiety (shopping during the pandemic) to take over my life. Today, I found out from my GP that my blood results came back and indicated my iron count is low. I must go and collect a prescriptionContinue reading “Rewards of Eating Right!”

I Get so Weak

Before the pandemic, I was buying fresh fruits and vegetables, weekly. During the lockdown period, I continued to eat the foods my body needs. However, the past few months have been difficult. I feel anxious when buying groceries, due to a large percentage of the general public not adhering to the distance element of theContinue reading “I Get so Weak”

Dating a Meat Eater

A couple of months ago I began dating a meat-eater… I have told myself for the best part of a year, that I would only date someone who was plant-based. As I’ve given up meat, so it’s only right that the person I date doesn’t eat animals during mealtimes. During many of our conversations, IContinue reading “Dating a Meat Eater”

Dating and Dieting

Recently I jumped into the dating pool and started swimming again. It has been an interesting experience so far. The general, deciding where to eat together, where to explore and most importantly, staying safe from COVID-19. However, I’ve struggled with the first part of this new experience. Which is something I never thought I would?Continue reading “Dating and Dieting”

3 Things You Like About Yourself?

Before I started my weight loss journey, I couldn’t list one thing that I liked about myself. I hated every inch of my body. In particularly my thighs and my stomach, both of which bare my tiger stripes. I hated my body because to me, my reflection was ugly and undesirable.It has taken me aContinue reading “3 Things You Like About Yourself?”

Fridays with Fatso

At my heaviest weight, the scales displayed 19 Stones and 4lbs. I can’t tell you how hard this is for me to write. I’m ashamed of myself for eating my way to that size. This week has been a challenging week, due to some thing’s I’m dealing with in my personal life. Not many peopleContinue reading “Fridays with Fatso”

Buy Your Veg Safely

Today is the day that all shoppers in England are required to wear a face-covering when shopping. This is to help prevent the spread of COVID19 and to adhere to the rules of social distancing. I know there exists pockets of people that don’t like this at all and they feel strongly against wearing aContinue reading “Buy Your Veg Safely”

My 10 Hour Fast

A few weeks ago, a dear friend of mine suggested that I try fasting, as they found it to be a great way to cleanse their system and reported feeling much better after. They informed me that they felt the following: Increased sense of mental clarity. Enhanced ability to ignore food cravings – better willpower!Continue reading “My 10 Hour Fast”

Triggers for Period Pain

I’ve pretty much been in bed for the last four days. I’ve been feeling quite tired due to this month’s menstruation. Which got me thinking about diet & nutrition when menstruating. I was overcome with cravings for seeded toast with sweet popcorn sprinkled over it. And deep-fried beans with chunky chips. Only, I never gaveContinue reading “Triggers for Period Pain”

Bruised Fruit

Life online shows only one-side, which is perfect images of perfect-looking food. But the reality for many of us is that we often have bruised or misshapen fruits and vegetables.      It is nice to see pretty pictures and click like from time to time, but my life doesn’t have that image each day. AndContinue reading “Bruised Fruit”

Update: My Ovarian Cyst – Bean

Almost a year ago, I shared with you all the horrible GP (General Practitioner) appointment I had. Which subsequently led to finding out that I had a cyst on my left ovary. I named the cyst ‘Bean,’ as it was the size of a baked bean when I first found out about him. He grewContinue reading “Update: My Ovarian Cyst – Bean”

Food: Takeaway

I had envisioned that my health journey would be about me eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water and working out. However, there will come a time where you are with friends or family and they want to order a takeaway! You can always make suggestions that they ‘cook their own food.’ Or simply remind themContinue reading “Food: Takeaway”

Focus: It’s Okay

I’ve been feeling blue along with my fellow peers on this earth. So much has happened and all seems to be hitting us at once! Well known people dying this year, COVID-19 making the whole world stop and those common feelings of self-doubt and restlessness. Then the spotlight on the murders in police uniforms –Continue reading “Focus: It’s Okay”

Food Glorious Food

For years and I mean years, I found solace in food. Whenever I was sad, happy, bored or relaxed I found eating food made me feel? Different each time. Preparing the food, I salivated – I knew I was making something I ‘really’ wanted to eat.      Rather than having 2 bacon rashers, I wouldContinue reading “Food Glorious Food”

The Corset

Many years ago, back in the days where I had family members calling me Fatso! I had read an article in a magazine, it spoke about a woman with a tiny waist – She credited her svelte figure to her consistent use of corsets. ‘Corsets!’ I shouted out within the company of a bowl ofContinue reading “The Corset”

Wednesday Wisdom

The statement above resonates with me on so many levels, as I find when I don’t feel like something is going to be a challenge, I slack off. There have been a few days during Rona’s Rampage, where I don’t feel like I’ve done enough – I get back home and think? Hmm, I should’veContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom”

To Dance or Not to Dance? That is the Question!

As a teenager, I went clubbing every now and again, but I never became someone who wanted to visit nightclubs often. When I was around 18 I felt amazing in my short, black mini dress. I’ve always been curvy but that night I felt beautiful. I used to dance the night away and dancing inContinue reading “To Dance or Not to Dance? That is the Question!”

Food: Why I Buy Chickpeas, Lentils and Mushrooms?

It’s no secret that nearly all my meals contain one, two or all the above! I enjoy meals I create with them and I’m always surprised at the results – the dishes I’ve created taste amazing. I began to incorporate mushrooms more into my diet a few years ago, after being told by my GPContinue reading “Food: Why I Buy Chickpeas, Lentils and Mushrooms?”

Fitness: Why I Chose Running?

I was asked recently, ‘What made you choose running?’ and after thinking about it, I responded by explaining that running chose me. I had signed up to a fancy gym that had all the amazing first-class facilities to use. All classes included in the membership and 30 minutes worth of personal training, at no additionalContinue reading “Fitness: Why I Chose Running?”

Lockdown: Snacks & Naps

Here in the UK, the policy on Social Distancing has been extended for a further three weeks. This came as no surprise to me: No cure found, many people are still contracting Rona (COVID19.) I’ve developed a few strange things; I now snack a lot! And nap a lot! Since the UK began social-distancing, IContinue reading “Lockdown: Snacks & Naps”

Where to Start?

This is one of the main questions I ask repeatedly asked myself at the beginning of my weight loss journey. Where do I start? I turned to sections in magazines, and I would tear out pages from them; Slim Down for Summer! Lose 10lbs in 7 days. Diet this and diet that, live like thisContinue reading “Where to Start?”