Fat Fridays: Menstruation Mess

From time to time I will post about my period. Initially, my concerns were the strong pains I was experiencing. Which I later found out was caused by Bean.

Fast forward to today and here I am writing about my night, last night.

I had a nice hot shower, changed into some warm Harry Potter nightwear, (Gryffindor always!) Slipped quietly into bed, wearing a tampon. I was finally in bed, after a long day working on various things.

As I now like to sleep listening to podcasts, I tuned into The New Yorker, The Writers Voice. Falling blissfully to sleep.

I must add that my rest was wonderful, and I slept long and deep.     

However, I woke up around 0300 to turn over and discovered I had created a small puddle of blood. I had been laying on my stomach, so comfortably. So there I was wet between my thighs and trying not to drip on my way to the bathroom.

 Minutes later, I was thankful as hot water sprayed over my body, washing the crimson stains off my body and down the drain. I lathered myself up with Raspberry & Vanilla Original Source shower gel, feeling refreshed and clean.


Many people talk about the pain that comes along and how they can be remedied. I too have posted many times about pain and what has helped me to alleviate my pain. However, I’ve rarely seen any posts about the mess!

I know it probably has never happened to some of you, however, I also know it has happened to many.

That morning was a bloody mess and the blood that seeped through and stained my sheets looks horrible. I mean, what can I use to clean that out? After thinking about my wet night, I concluded it was because I slept on my stomach. But I was soooooooooooo comfortable!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, menstruation is natural and while that moment during my cycle was icky. I think it’s great to have these conversations and share experiences with others. Yes, I menstruate but I’m still learning about periods – all the time.

Don’t be embarrassed about leaking out, it happens and you’ve got to move through it and continue forward. 

Apologies for posting up late – I tend to sleep a lot during my period.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

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