Earth Day 22.04.2021

Frequently we view images, watch videos and hear discussions about how badly we have damaged our home – Earth.

Many of us have viewed Planet Earth by David Attenborough and seen how we contribute to the destruction of natural habitats for wildlife and even locals who reside in villages nearby.

Our need to consume is the main reason why many of us turn a blind eye to the consequences of our needs. I mean, why is it the Amazon rainforest is being wiped out and many of us are more concerned with buying the latest smart device?

  • We can’t survive without trees.
  • We will not survive without bees.
  • COVID19 and its mutations will continue to thrive.
  • We all must do our bit to save our Earth and keep the world ALIVE.

I encourage you all to reflect on your behaviour and acknowledge how you contribute to the detriment of our planet. Then I implore you all to pledge the changes you’ll make to help heal our world and to make it a better place.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

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