Fat Fridays: Portion Control – 12.03.2021

Portion Control

As many of you already know I’ve been looking into portion control, as I’ve identified that while the main bulk of my diet is filled with healthy plant-based meals. I overeat my favourite meals, such as peppered jackfruit and chickpea curry.

With pasta, I had never measured my portions before. As I lived by the notion that as I’m eating wholemeal pasta I do not have to worry about it. I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong to act so naïve. After all, if I’m not measuring what amount I’m consuming, how am I to expect a certain level of weight loss per week? I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been irresponsible with this element of my journey.

Nevertheless, I felt starting with pasta would be a great pathway into portion control.

In the image below, I measured out one cup of dried wholemeal pasta!

📸: Unique Fatso

Raw VS Cooked

Once my pasta was cooked I had compared the raw with the cooked and I was surprised!

Seeing the visible difference is not what I expected!

Previously, I would just open up the pack of pasta and pour it into a pot of boiling water. Guessing with my eyes the amount I felt I needed. Which ALWAYS ended up being too much.

This behaviour led to me revisiting the kitchen for extra helpings of this delicious, healthy, homemade meal. Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t fussed as it was a healthy meal.

However, seeing the below was very educational on a deeper level. As I was now faced to face with my silly choice. It’s far better to see a visual representation of my actions, as opposed to thinking it didn’t matter that much.

📸: Unique Fatso

Finished Plant Based Meal

I’m delighted to say that I was satisfied with the correct portion of pasta. I admit I did have the inkling to have more, through greed! However, I think that’s through the habits of tasty plant-based meals.

📸: Unique Fatso

This week I’ve learned more about the right portions for one person when it comes to pasta and rice. I’ll continue to work on portion control with everything that I wish to eat. The only thing I won’t place to much focus on is vegetables, as I eat more spinach, asparagus and kale, etc. To improve my intake of iron.

Going forward, I hope to be able to measure by memory and improve my weight loss and health in turn.

Top Tips for Portion Control

  • Don’t be afraid to measure your portions, especially when it comes to rice, pasta and potatoes.
  • Ask yourself, do I need this amount? For instance, if I knew I was going off for a long walk/run I would increase the portion of oats I have for breakfast.
  • Why are you making so much food? Is this part of meal-prep, or are you being greedy?
  • If you can’t validate your reasons for cooking more that one portion then don’t cook it!
  • If you wish to have more food on your plate, load up on spinach, broccoli or even asparagus. Freshly prepared with no salt, butter, oil etc.

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Portion Control Tools

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Live a healthy life!


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