Fat Fridays: How Far Can You Run? It’s Not a Competition. 16.04.2021

Fat Fridays: How Far Can You Run? It’s Not a Competition.


This blog is my safe space. I had never run before, not properly anyway. I had tried on several occasions but stopped due to many factors:

  • Negative family members.
  • Low confidence, to be honest, I had no confidence.
  • My clothes were all dark and ill-fitted for a workout. I remember having these light grey quarter-length joggers, they were polyester and chaffed. (Back then I did not know what chaffing was or that runners wear running tights.)
  • I was afraid to learn – every time I bought a running magazine or found a great diet book, it was left on my shelf to become a paper-based bed for layers of dust.
  • Unsupportive friends – Many people will fake-smile in your face and verbalise their support for your healthy changes. But will buy you a basket filled with junk food and tell you, ‘it’s the last time.’
  • Some people mocking the bit of progression I had made by minimising my success, with their better timings and distances.
  • The negative factors above caused me to doubt my abilities – even as simple as getting up and getting out for a walk


I am a slow runner.

I am a slow runner.

I run, slowly.

I walk a lot.

I jog a little.

  • I have a wide array of running tights and I feel beautiful and confident when I wear them.
  • I have supportive family members and friends.
  • My confidence is turbulent – Sometimes it is great. Other times it is dark and holds me back.
  • When I do go outside for a walk/jog/run I always return feeling like Wonder Woman! I feel so awesome and refreshed in my mind, body and soul.
  • I can walk for hours.
  • I jog around 3-4 miles.

I recognise I have my personal goals I seek to achieve and celebrate each time.


I have decided to participate in the ½ marathon! I’m excited and nervous!

It is my 2021 fitness goal – well, to run the whole way!

My future hopes are to compete in the London Marathon!

For you

  • Know that you can go any distance you set your mind on.
  • Start small and build on your goal each week. For instance.
  • Keep a log of your activities.
  • Be consistent.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

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