Fat Fridays: Commitment

Commitment noun

  1. 1.
    the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
    “the company’s commitment to quality”

Clearly, I’ve never been committed to weightless. I had good thoughts and intentions, but I had never been truly dedicated to losing weight! Not until 2020 that is.

I reviewed my journey and I admit, I’ve not been fully committed to losing weight. I’ve had the best intentions but the lure of greasy takeaways, extra portions and of course the sweet treats from the world of plant-based options. They’ve often taken over and my weight has increased as a result of my over-eating.

Topshop (A fabulous UK brand, that has a selection of clothing for tall people,) was recently acquired by ASOS. When I visited ASOS to sign up, as I love buying pieces from Topshop, I noticed a great selection of high-waisted skirts.

I envisioned myself slipping into one and showing off my amazing toned and curvy figure. And I must say, ‘I looked FABULOUS!’
I then downloaded a running plan from the web, and I’ve committed to start it from this Monday! In 2016 I committed and completed a ½ Marathon.

This year, if the event goes to plan, I hope to run for most or all the course – 13.1 miles.
‘I commit to my weight-loss
‘I commit to completing a ½ marathon this year.’
‘I commit to sticking to my new running plan.’
‘I commit to manifesting positive change.’

Live a healthy life.
Unique Fatso

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