Fat Fridays: Menstruation Mess

From time to time I will post about my period. Initially, my concerns were the strong pains I was experiencing. Which I later found out was caused by Bean. Fast forward to today and here I am writing about my night, last night. I had a nice hot shower, changed into some warm Harry PotterContinue reading “Fat Fridays: Menstruation Mess”

Triggers for Period Pain

I’ve pretty much been in bed for the last four days. I’ve been feeling quite tired due to this month’s menstruation. Which got me thinking about diet & nutrition when menstruating. I was overcome with cravings for seeded toast with sweet popcorn sprinkled over it. And deep-fried beans with chunky chips. Only, I never gaveContinue reading “Triggers for Period Pain”

Update: My Monthly Menstruation

Last month I wrote about the horrible pains I had experienced during my period. Last month I wrote about the horrible pains I had experienced during my period. And how I believed that the foods I was consuming, were causing the unbearable and consistent pains. Well this month, my period arrived on the 29th ofContinue reading “Update: My Monthly Menstruation”

Period Pains

During my most recent period, the pain that accompanied it was unbearable for around 48 hours. I experience pain during menstruation every month – however, this month it felt like someone had a set of diamond pincers. Pinching into my lower-abdomen every few minutes. I popped loads of pain-killers: paracetamol and ibuprofen. I used aContinue reading “Period Pains”

Monthly Madness: Munchies During Menstruation.

Each month, on time my period arrives and with it’s delivery comes cravings. They’re expected in the sense that I’ll have them but exactly what I’ll crave is always a surprise. This month has been difficult, as I’ve had a mixture of cravings and they’ve gone from one extreme to the next. Jerk Chicken CucumbersContinue reading “Monthly Madness: Munchies During Menstruation.”