Why I’m no Longer Dating a Meat-Eater

For a few months, I was dating a wonderful guy, who consumed meat and dairy. Initially, when I found out he ate those things, I was sure I wouldn’t get along with him long-term. Surprisingly so, we got along extremely well! Conversations, jogging and surely meditations. I also remembered when I was a meat-eater and how long it was before I transitioned to a plant-based diet. I figured that I could inspire him to make the switch, etc.

During the majority of our dates, he would eat plant-based meals and even prepared tofu stir-fry’s. Which is sweet as he quickly demonstrated the little changes, he’s willing to make to ensure I feel comfortable. Only, that never lasted long! After a few months, he was visiting friends and enjoying meat-filled BBQ’s and posting up on Instagram with the caption, ‘A real man’s plate!’ a whole rack of ribs.

That was the moment I knew he truly is Mr Wrong. How can I continue to enjoy spending time with a man who eats animals? I mean, he’s a lovely guy and we have so much in common. But this behaviour did not sit well with my moral compass. Especially as he was joining me on dates and appearing to show that because of me he’s now eating more plant-based dishes. His Instagram gave the world a different narrative.

And I’m positive that the locations and attendees at the BBQ’s were mixed. Not just his house-hold support bubbles. Which during these unprecedented times is irresponsible and may negatively impact those around him.                 


When it comes to the world of romance, everyone wants to love and be loved. And I didn’t want to seem to come across as pernickety. I have noted that I at least tried. Dating someone who consumes animal-meat/milk isn’t for me. Those images made me heave and seeing him after that, I knew I had to do what’s best for me.

Future Potential?

Hmm? Of course! Just never a meat-eater.


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