As for myself Unique Fatso, my online pen name – I’m an introvert, I’m an introvert when it comes to visual displays.

I’m no good with photos, if you have one of me, you’re lucky! I’m an introvert who feels comfortable writing and I know some may say unlucky!

I receive feedback in all forms and a few often tell me so, ‘Unique, oh! UniqueFatso, make videos with you in it and your popularity will grow!’

Hmm, I never started this blog for Insta-fame or YouTube fortune. The day I launched this blog, was the day I became accountable!

For my food intake.

My wayward weight.

The clothes fitting tighter and my plant-based shakes!

Whatever ensues after will be accepted as a bonus. Without my blog, I wouldn’t have taken any own-ness? (ownership for my weight.)

I know I would sit there in my bedroom brooding.

I would blame my family, my friends and even good old Judy. I would most likely be chomping down on some animal I deep-fat-fried. I’ll be gaining weight each year and if ever I were to step on a scale, each time I would act surprised!

Like, ‘OMG! How did I get so big? I’ve no idea where that weight has come from! I walk about most days and attend the gym on some.’

I would most likely turn back to an offer. A big burger meal for £4.95 and add extra fries for like 30p at a time.

Hiding away from peering eyes. Especially the ones outside.

I digress. I digress!

I’m an introvert as stated above, my name is Unique Fatso and reflective writing is what I love.

Has my blog helped me to lose weight? Why of course it has, yes! I can also review my failures and moments where I digest…too much.

It serves as a reminder that I’m on a plant-based journey. Shows me how far I come and how all this pinkness is quite girly!

My journey will last a lifetime, meaning even when I’ve lost weight I’ll have to maintain.

I’ll share forever my positives and negatives and moments where I’ve felt emotional pain.


Unique Fatso

Published by Unique

I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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