Fat Fridays: Your Body is Beautiful

Fat Friday – Your Body is Beautiful



I know you have looked at your body in the mirror many times and felt disgusted at your reflection. How you’ve cried yourself to sleep, wishing that you could be thinner and wear whatever you want.

I’ve seen your past and the bullies that haunt your nightmares and cause you so much emotional pain. I get you; I once was the same.

Before I would try to lose weight but then someone would say something nasty to me and I would regress into a worse state of emotional eating. Food was the cause of my pain but also my pleasure. I grew bigger, chunkier and surely fatter! My image depicted that of one like the Fatso my Grandmother always saw when she looked at me.

Back then I never knew that there were other people out there, who shared the same struggles. I know it sounds crazy but I believed I was alone in this world, the only girl trying to lose weight.

In some respects, I was the only person:

  • Wearing black at family parties.
  • Wearing jeans that chaffed between my fat thighs.
  • Never had a boyfriend because I had no confidence in myself. I had never felt worthy of anything.

I was the only person in my circles that went through such a horrible experience.


You’ve started making positive steps to adopt a more positive mindset.

You look at your reflection and admire how beautiful your eyes are, how supple your skin feels and how much joy your smile brings to you.

I agree, taking weight-loss one day at a time is better than doing nothing and expecting everything.

Know that one day you’ll reach your goal weight.

Know that you are wonderful.

Know that your body is beautiful.

Your body is beautiful!

You are beautiful.

Live your best life, my friend, there is no one in our universe quite like you.


Unique Fatso

Fat Fridays: How Much is Too Much? – 08.01.2021


What on earth was a portion? I used to fill my bowl or load my plate with food. My thoughts were, ‘how much food can I get onto this plate?’ and ‘I wonder if there will be some more when I’ve finished this.’

I think it’s fair to say I had no sense of the right portion. Or even when to stop adding to my plate. I never cared, I wanted to eat everything and enjoy the tastes of the meals I once deemed as great! I wasn’t into blogging back then, but below is an image of how overloaded my plate would look, give you a visual idea. **This is not an image of my actual plate

Although I felt guilty about the kinds of food I was devouring, I rarely considered the portions. It kind of felt okay to just eat as much as I wanted, until I was ready to pop.

Back then, my mindset was icy, food was my only friend…


I use the following to help me to cook with the correct portions:

  • Tiny bowls
  • Measuring cups.
  • Small kitchen scale.

I don’t always get it right every time, but it’s a lot better than before.

I’ve learnt that portions are important, one of the fundamental elements of successfully losing weight. Gone are the days I spent treating each meal if I were attending an Eat All You Can Eat Buffett! I’m more conscious of quantities and I feel much better with extra vegetables, as opposed to extra slabs of meat.

Weightloss is about learning and implanting what you’ve learnt, into your weightloss journey. There is no magic spell you can cast to lose weight.

3 key aspects:

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Focus

All 3 must be worked on in unison to maximise your weight loss. This is by no means easy to do.

I digress.

Enjoy your weight loss journey and embrace every aspect you learn about health.


Unique Fatso

Plant Based Lunch: Organic Houmous with Extra Virgin Olive-Oil, Cucumber, Piccolini Tomatoes and Sesame Seeds

📸 Unique Fatso

Lockdown Fitness Bingo! **Free PDF Download

The UK has re-entered a national lockdown – Lockdown 3.0.

I’ll be honest, I was disheartened at this news. But I understand that this needed to be implemented, for the sake of life and death.

During the first two lockdowns and the high tier restrictions, I found it difficult to find motivation. I knew that I needed/wanted to work out and keep my fitness levels up. But I found it extremely difficult to get up and workout.

I guess one could argue that may have been a mixture of laziness and lack of motivation? Either way, I wasn’t exercising as much as I could.

This lockdown has inspired me to create and share a free pdf download. ‘Lockdown Fitness Bingo!’

You may print it off and stick it to your fridge or somewhere you’ll see it every day.

You’ll notice that I’ve not specified duration, intensity or days for you to complete this. I feel you can add your twist and workout at your own pace.

I’ll be posting about my completed exercises on Instagram @UniqueFatso (Link available within the social tab.)

  • I hope this PDF inspires you to take of your fitness during this 3rd lockdown.
  • I implore you all to keep moving, even if you only spend 10 minutes a day working out.
  • Remember that you are capable of losing weight!

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

**Please speak to your doctor before downloading this free fitness PDF.**

Fat Fridays: Healthy New Year 2021 – 01.01.2021


New Year’s Eve would be indoors with my close family members. I would put 50 mini meat-based sausage rolls, 30 mini cheese and onion puff pastry balls onto serving platters. I would even have the following in bowls:

  • Bacon flavoured crisps
  • Maltesers
  • Toffee/Sweet/salted popcorn – Yes! 3 separate bowls.
  • Sweets
  • Biscuits

Then I would join in with placing an order for takeaway. Preference would be a meat feast pizza, with garlic bread and cheese and extra pizza, just in case.

The irony was that my resolutions back then were to eat healthy, workout and lose weight. And that the junk food I was about to consume, would be the last before the new year begins. It’s like I had memory-loss or something? Because I would eat this crap way beyond the transition into the new year.

This habit took over my time, as I continued the cycle of eating meat, junk food and surely ‘treats!’

Last Night

I spent the evening with my support bubble and we completed the following:

  • 10 things I’m thankful/grateful for?
  • 10 things 2021 will deliver to my life?
  • 2 Pitts and 2 peaks of 2020?

We then burnt those pieces of paper and prepared for 2021 in the most relaxing way I’ve ever experienced.

We all returned into the warmth and sang our way into 2021, hugs and appreciation all around.

December 31st 2020, will go down as the best New Years Eve celebration, I’ve ever had!


Today is the 1st of January 2021 and I must confess, I’m feeling elated. I feel alive and unapologetic for being my authentic self.

I trust in our universe wholeheartedly and I promise myself, that I won’t spend another year scoffing plates of bad foods. I’m going to nourish my mind, body and soul. Taking time to understand my needs, wants and desires. Then building my mindset up to become impregnable against negative vibes.

Healthy New Year!


Unique Fatso

A Year of Personal Growth – Thank You 2020!


This time a year ago, I was going through a depressive state – the pain wouldn’t release me from its grasp. I was barely trying to free myself, instead, I was caught up in a negative cycle of nothingness. The despair of having my emotions dragged through mountains of shit and toxic people infecting me with their poisons.

I left 2019 on a sour note.


This year started weakly and infected with the leftovers of a meaty corpse.

The stale meat lingering around like the bullshit left along the sides of scenic settings.

Then came Rona!

Around June, I found myself and set my spirit free! Embracing my existence as a whole and not in fragmented elements. I stopped trying to fit in with the narrative of others! Which was the moment things started to make sense.

This year I’ve lost 2 STONES! Which is amazing, to say the least. Yes, I had hoped to lose more but I’m happy I’ve lost and not gained this year.

2020 has been an exceptional year of personal growth.

Before we eat/drink our way into 2021, I wanted to take a moment to extend my appreciation to all my followers, subscribers, random viewers and surely friends of our universe.

I’ll always value you.


I’ll continue to share my plant-based life with you all. I hope to include more fitness, food and of course ways to incorporate a positive mindset. I aim to help support those of you trying to lose weight!

If even one of my posts inspires you, then I’m proud I’ve helped, even if it was a little nudge in the right direction.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

Fat Fridays: Alone this Christmas?



Is a day that many people around the world will spend alone. For a vast array of reasons a recent one being this global pandemic. The UK Government imposed ‘last minute,’ rules around the festive period. Which means that today, at this very second, someone is home alone.

See the Positives

This year has been a stressful year for everyone. Being able to spend a few days with family and friends, were what many people were looking forward to. #ChristmasIsCancelled

I know it’s so easy to conjure up negative thoughts, develop bad habits and form negative connotations about this day/festive period.

I would like you to take a moment and visualise the amount of energy your generating to do that? It’s a lot! I know!

Now, try your best to highlight the positives of spending time alone. Below, I’ve made a list of my personal favourites:

  • Home Spa Day – Hot scented bubbled-bath, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and warm towels to dry off. Pedicure/Manicure, red clay mask, coconut oil massage.
  • A Day to Start Something New – Read a new book that has been waiting for your delicate touch for the longest time. Bake a cake you’ve been meaning to try for ages.
  • Time to Relax – Burn your favourite incense, play some of your best tunes or listen to an audio-book. Relax and unwind embrace your 24hrs of #MeTime
  • A Period of Reflection – Begin your first diary entry. Channel your thoughts, hopes and dreams on as many pages as you wish.

I’m sure if you take a moment, you’ll find something that you know you’ll love to do today.

Make this Christmas be all about you – the positives!


Unique Fatso

PDF Download: Fat-Free Christmas?

*Disclaimer – This PDF serves as a collection of helpful suggestions/general information and is NOT a guarantee for a fat-free Christmas. It is NOT intended as medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitution for professional consultation with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult with your doctor or medical professional before undertaking any suggestions in this document.

Welcome to UNIQUEFATSO.com

I created this document as I thought I should share my plans to attain a ‘Fat-free Christmas!’ Within this free downloadable PDF, I’ve shared mini suggestions, as to how others can work towards having a fat-free Christmas.

By completing all four steps each day, you’ll serve as a constant reminder to yourself, that being greedy and overeating is not cool. By completing the ab workouts, you’ll remind yourself to be more mindful of what you’re eating. By taking time to meditate, you’ll find that your mind is strengthening and your ability to abstain from gluttony will grow.

Finally, by voicing the daily affirmations, you’ll serve as a vocal reminder that you are the most important person in your life!

Please look after yourself and have a healthy Christmas.


Unique Fatso


Fat Fridays: Happy Holidays! Eat, Drink & Gain a Few lbs?


Overeating during the festive period.

When I was a meat-eater, throughout the festive period, I used to go wild with over-eating. I was immersed into those succulent phrases, ‘It’s fine, It’s Christmas!’ and ’Everyone gains a few more pounds during the winter.’

I admit I loved hearing those sweet sounds, they formed reassurances to my mind. Constantly letting me know that it’s fine to eat and eat and eat. Which was exactly what I did.

Today, I wonder why we consume so much? Why the notion of gluttony? Is acceptable during the winter but not the spring? Why it’s acceptable to have extra helpings and fill our bodies until we are fit to burst? Why one plate for dinner isn’t enough and we feel the need to push one another to eat even more? Why do many of us drink until we throw up?

The winter season is strange like we use it as an excuse to be greedy. Like we stamp it in our diaries as a justification to over-indulge.

Back then I would begin (additional) over-eating from early November, ever-increasing over the period leading up to the festivities. And yes! You rightly guessed, everything I was swallowing was either deep-fried in fat or smothered in butter! Many of the cakes I scoffed without a thought to share, were boosted with whipped cream and devoured with all my selfish thoughts in mind.


Today I’m not as greedy!

All my meals derive from plants and the majority are healthy and enjoyable. My family support my health journey by preparing plant-based meals when I visit. Back then I was ignorant to the knowledge and wisdom I’ve developed over the years.

Today I share with you a few tips to navigate through this period of festivities:

  1. Shop Smart – Make a list of everything healthy you need to buy and stick to that list!
  2. Buy Fresh – When it comes to a plant-based diet, the best thing to do is buy fresh. Foods such as bananas, mushrooms, onions etc, I find that fresh is best.
  3. Continue to Cook – By preparing your meals, you know exactly what is inside each dish and can, therefore you may rest easy knowing you ate well today.
  4. Proper Portions – Think! What do you need to feel satisfied? One reasonable sized plate of food is better than plates of food. Load your plate with greens and you’ll feel better.
  5. Don’t overindulge – dishes that sweeten your heart and melt your soul, are to be enjoyed infrequently.

I know too well the ideas drenched in sugar, in the disguise of ‘something good!’ Society pushes into our ears, like the sweet sounds of the tweets of a newborn bird.

Please remember! This festive season will be healthier, as you’ll make healthier decisions and implement better practices.

You have the mental strength and capacity to stick to ‘living a healthy life.’

You can make better choices and benefit from a plant-based diet.

The festive season does not need to remain as an excuse you gained weight. Make it a reason to enhance your health journey.

You will accomplish all your health goals – stay focused!


Unique Fatso

Thank You: 200+ Followers

I received a notification recently which delivered the sweetest news; I now have 200+ Followers!

I continued to enjoy my wholemeal bagel and smiled. It’s an honour to know that 200+ people are finding my blog useful to them.  

I know that 2020 has been a difficult year, one that has affected many nutritional and fitness goals. I’ve infrequently teetered on the edge of over-eating or given into temptation and consumed too much food.

Remember, it’s okay to mess up from time to time. Dust yourself off and start again!

I value your support and I hope that 2021 brings even more posts for all to enjoy.

Once again, thank you all!

May your futures be filled with good health.


Unique Fatso

Fat Fridays: Antidote 11.12.2020

Why do we try and try to fit into the narrative of stories told by others?

Why do we give so much to those that never give anything back?

Why do we change our preferences to make it fit with the other person?

What I’m saying is, why do we not believe in ourselves enough to be ourself?

What do we gain by suppressing our authentic self?

What do we need to remind us that we are unique, as we are!

We do not need to change to fit into anyone’s ideal narrative.

Write your own story.

Manifest your reality.

Live your best life.

There is no special antidote for a better life.

You must put in the work.

You must eat healthy to become healthier.

You must workout to become fitter.

You must embrace a positive mindset to recognise how valuable you are.

Unique Fatso

I’m Unique Fatso,

I have stretch marks on my waist.

I have cellulite on my thighs.

I’m clinically overweight.

Visually, I’m whatever the beholders’ eyes perceive. One person may find me utterly irresistible, another may find me utterly disgusting.


My heart currently beats, your heart currently beats, we are alive!

Don’t allow the negative energy from others throw your off course.

Don’t allow ignorant comments to prevent you from achieving all your goals.

Don’t allow the poor choices of others to hold you back.


  • You are loved.
  • You are worthy.
  • You are valuable.
  • You matter.
  • You are important.
  • You are unique!

‘There is only one version of you in existence in our entire universe.’ – Unique Fatso