Welcome December 2021

Today is the 1st of December 2021 – A year that will end 30 days from today.

November was a difficult month for me, as I aim to complete so much in very little time. Unfortunately, I gained a few pounds through emotional eating, which was bought on through a series of failed plans.

November taught me that there would be times where the things you love to do won’t come to fruition, and that is the way of life. However, it is important to remember that things will improve and the days will get better. I know firsthand that it is all too easy to forget, that better days are sprouting.

With this new month, my worries are about gaining weight – I know this is a common thought shared throughout the world. However, in the society in which I reside, gluttony is promoted during this period. People will add the disclaimer, ‘treat yourself,’ to re-affirm your desire to eat something bad for your health. But, more often than not, you may give in as you buy into the notion of ‘start your diet in January!’ The facts are that what you’re doing will hinder your progression, and by the time January 2022 arrives, you’ll have even more weight to lose.

I’ve not decided upon what I’ll be having for Christmas dinner – with so many plant-based choices, the options are endless. Perhaps a jackfruit based dish should take priority? I will keep you all informed.

I have attached a free PDF download of November reflections. I implore you all to complete it, as it helps gain deep insight into how you can improve your life.

I hope you have a wonderful month.


Unique Fatso

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