Welcome November 2021

Last month was going well for me, diet-wise, until week 3! I reunited with someone from my past. And it’s influenced a cycle of emotional eating, with slight weight gain. A new trigger identified? I believe so. It’s difficult to focus when you have other aspects of life coming into your world and disseminating anythingContinue reading “Welcome November 2021”

Fat Fridays: Goal Setting – 08.10.2021

Today I understood that it is easy to set a goal and hashtag the life out of it. Sharing with the world – #Goals Which reinforces a message to others that you have the same goal. And there you have it, the onlookers chime in and offer you love, likes and minutes worth of attention.Continue reading “Fat Fridays: Goal Setting – 08.10.2021”

Welcome August 2020

This month I’ve decided to focus on my cycling, as I’m not a great cyclist. I’ll be riding short distances first and seeing how I get on.I know cycling is great for an all-over body workout, so I aim to shed at least 8lbs this month.What are your fitness plans over the coming weeks? AndContinue reading “Welcome August 2020”

Crumbs & Seeds

Are you a crumb or a seed? Crumbs roll around on different levels, traveling in packs, leaving their trail everywhere they go. Everyone knows their business and exactly what they’ve done, what they’re going to do and what they’re doing right now. We are inundated with their lives; Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and sometimes evenContinue reading “Crumbs & Seeds”