Fat Fridays: What Fatso Heard? – 24.12.2021

What Fatso Heard?

I’m not a ‘fan’ or a ‘traditional follower’ of Christmas! However, it is important to help those who are less fortunate than yourself.

This help does not have to be financial; handing them cash into their hands. It could be signposting them to professional/charitable organisations or vice Versa.

My point is that ‘help’ comes in many forms, and dialogue is often the starting point for helping others.

There I was finishing up with my shift, and I overheard a conversation, which went like this:

Person A: ‘There’s gonna be beggars outside; take the leftover food and give it to them.’

Person B: ‘What do you mean? It’s not healthy. And I don’t wanna go near them.’

Person A: ‘they will take it and eat it, they eat anything. Just hold your breath.’

Person B: ‘Why don’t you do it?’

Person A: ‘because I don’t wanna catch anything, and they stink.’

Person B: ‘Then why are you asking me to do it? And I think that cake has gone off anyway.’

Person A: ‘You’ll be fine! And trust me, the cake isn’t going to harm them; they’re used to diseases, they’re immune to them. They don’t have covid.’

Person B: ‘I’m not speaking to crackheads.’

Person A: ‘get in the Christmas spirit, hand them the cake and wish them a Merry Christmas. They’ll eat the box if they’re hungry.’

The above is one of many conversations, not just around Christmas but all year.

As the human race, we are about to step into 2022, and we still have not learned to understand the basics of our society. We need others to thrive –  life in solitude with no other human was be a living nightmare.

I get the bond we have with friends and family. But who were friends before they were honoured with that title? They were strangers – people who had a whole life before connecting with us. Some come from abuse, poverty, self-destruction, and others come from a place of peace and love. Either way, we do not know until we open dialogue with them – ask about their history and how they came to a low place. Don’t assume and never allow your ignorance to overshadow helping others.

On the 25th of December, the majority of our world overeats and doesn’t really give a second thought to this.

I mean, how much have you spent on Christmas? And how much have you donated to a charitable cause? It is a place that helps people get back on their feet and supports those who are less fortunate.

The amount spent on Christmas for many will be too much £££, equally the amount donated for many will be £0.

Saying that, don’t just help for one moment, be charitable more often than not.

Help to heal our world, and the human race will flourish for that.

Please don’t donate stale food – you wouldn’t eat it yourself.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

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