Labels! Air Printed and Un-stick-able

A person going through emotional trauma slid into my DMs with a bad attitude and negative energy.

They tried to shame my appearance and devalue my self-worth.

My reaction was to delete the messages – they mean nothing to me.

In a world where we have witnessed first-hand how trolling can push someone to commit suicide, the aftermath is a plethora of #BeKind. You would think that people would learn that often, words can cut deep and cause death by negative energy.

I know from learning and understanding perspectives that hurt people, hurt people. That is an unfortunate fact.


With some things in this life, they have labels assigned – like a can of beans. So it will say beans somewhere on the can. But, on the other hand, people don’t have labels  – not ones that are visible or true to their identity.

The hurt individual who pushed their way into my DMs, air printed a label and tried to attach a false narrative to my existence. How did I feel? I felt sorry for them. Clearly, they need help, and I’m sending them healing energy, as I know they must be struggling with their mental health for them to be that way. I hope they get the help and support they need to heal.

To my friends who have experienced online bullying on this journey, remember none of this is your fault. You are worthy of love, honour and respect, and you deserve more in this life.

While online bullies will always pop up and try to nip at your existence – we must remember their words aren’t applicable and will always remain un-stick-able.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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