Fat Fridays: How About Houmous? 10.12.2021

How About Houmous?

I was out at an event the other night that had NO veggie options for me to enjoy. Everything contained meat!

I asked the hose for any vegetarian options; she advised, ‘whatever is out, is out.’ Of course, I was made to feel bad for asking, like asking is a crime, and it’s crazy to think that veg only options would be available at events hosted in 2021.

I was admonished for asking for meat-free alternatives.

That night I returned home, I was hungry, and the first thought was to order takeaway. So I went online, ordered a veggie burger and fries, with extra fries.

     The estimated delivery time was 45 minutes. About an hour went by before I contacted the fast-food place. They advised that the food was ready and sitting there for around 30 minutes.

     Another 20 minutes passed, and I called the online food service; they were the worst – if customer service were the area of discussion, minus 100 would be the starting point for their icy answers and dead amount of consideration for the lack of service.

     After around 1hour and 25 minutes, they agreed to refund the cost of the food.

In the end, I had x2 slices of whole grain, seeded toast with houmous. The first bite confirmed that this was all I truly needed. Guilt then fell over me. I felt naïve; all the warning signs were there.

  1. I was not eating at the event due to no veggie options.
  2. Delivery late and then cancelled.
  3. Confirmation from the junk-food provider that my order had been waiting to be collected for a very long time.
  4. The duration that scene played out.
  5. Toast and houmous was the answer – food readily available – in my fridge.

I allowed harmful cravings to consume my decision-making and ordered a detrimental bag of badness.

Today, I’ve browsed a wide array of houmous varieties and selected Moroccan styled houmous (featured in image) houmous with tahini and sweet chilli infused houmous.

  • Cost-effective
  • Health effective
  • Life effective

2022 is almost here, and I’m only getting older! My body is my body, is my body.

Takeaways, take good health away. I need willpower and drive to steer clear of poor health choices.

Live a healthy life.


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