Fat Fridays: What to Eat? What to Do? – 17.12.2021

Fat Fridays:  What to eat? What to do?

Ah! The festive season is in full force! It’s the season to fain a few pounds and not be judged harshly because tis the season.


How can this be normal?

Well, society has normalised it!

‘Roll up, roll up, come and feast your eyes on this! Get this, this, and all of this for a fantastic price.

Year in, year out, we all discuss the amount of food we have had for Christmas. How much food we had leftover. How sick and tired of the leftovers, how we’ve finally thrown them away.

Society has normalised it!

We try to do what’s suitable for ourselves and those within our social circles for most of our daily lives.

‘Here, that’s all I have.’

Some of us lie, head home with our belongings worth more than £100. I mean, your phones cost more, which equates to having more.

But hey! ‘It’s the season,’ so keep eating, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Oh! I’m full.

The plan for me this Christmas is to relax. Last year was filled with stress. Racing around on Christmas Eve, buying things that others must’ve requested food and drink.

Then on the day in question, that turned out to be a shambles due to intangible factors.

I digress.

What to eat?

Well, that’s your call. I will only load up with veggies and try my best to relax.

Live a healthy life.


Unique Fatso

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