Fat Fridays: My OCD and Me! 05.11.2021

Fat Fridays – My OCD and Me – 05.11.2021

A few months ago, I shared with you all that I had been diagnosed with OCD. Which mainly consists of checking things over and over again.

I hadn’t shared that sometimes my mind latches onto something and then goes high-speed with mind-mapping scenarios about that thing.

For example, I was conversing with my best friend about life, and something he said triggered my mind to think about a hundred different outcomes. During this moment of thought, I splurge out with sharing through the form of communication I’m in.

Most of the time, my OCD is significant! As a Researcher, I thrive on the ideas and questions that come from thoughts racing at 100miles per hour. However, it can sometimes cause exhaustion, especially as then end in a hard stop! My friend was confused and, understandably, could not keep up.

The next day, I started to explain to him what happened and how my OCD turns into a thinking-beast when I’m having a low day. Then I stopped. Thankfully, he reached out this morning, and we discussed my OCD in more detail. I appreciate the understanding and support from him and close family and friends.

I know it’s not easy to discuss such aspects of life through fear of judgment and society’s rejection. However, it is essential to raise awareness and make such conversations familiar and informative for all.

My friend (and others) have said I could be open and talk to them about my OCD and let them know how best they can support me. This is great because it shows they care about my mental health and wellbeing.

If you have OCD and feel you’re not coping. I implore you to speak with your GP, as they can signpost you to CBT Therapist (which happened to me and is working!) Although I know it’s not easy to ask for help, trust me, it is worth it!

Remember, mental health matters!

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