Curves I’m curvy, and I know it. I can’t hide away; my body shows it. I own these curves, and don’t I know it! My intrigue is captured by the way some people cherish some curves and mock others. Definition of a curve: ‘a line or outline which gradually deviates from being straight for someContinue reading “Curves”

The Rotten Side of Life

The Rotten Side of Life I was once a meat-eater, so I do understand, the thought process behind eating meat. It’s how many of us were raised. I know many of you have seen PETA videos or some blog post about the cruelty to animals. So that’s not what I’m about to share with youContinue reading “The Rotten Side of Life”

Lockdown ⚠️

I’m not going to write a long message here. We are all aware of what’s happening across the globe with this COVID-19 pandemic. Stay Home – Only go out if you need to purchase food, medication or assist those in the vulnerable categories. Social Distancing – Stand at least 2 metres apart when queuing. StopContinue reading “Lockdown ⚠️”

Long Days

Long days like this, long days like that, I stretch here and there. I wish I wasn’t. Long days at work, breed temptation to want to consume sugar. I need energy! I want biscuits. I have a sweet tea. But the energy is short-lived. The energy is short-lived. The weight gain is slowly creeping in.Continue reading “Long Days”

Why Plant-Based?

Why PlantBased? For the Animals Years ago, I was off work due to feeling ill. While in bed and when I owned a television, I clicked onto a link via Twitter. It took me to YouTube – A video of workers shoving metal tubes down the throats of geese, force-feeding them to make Foie Gras!Continue reading “Why Plant-Based?”

Hello Unique Fatso

Hello I’m ridiculously shy! I’m and I’m an #introvert However, it’s a new year and we all have things in common. Mine is to lose weight and become a healthier woman. 2020 #HealthyNewYear #WeightlossJourney #Motiv8 #ChooseHeath #ChooseYou #ChoosePlantBased🌱💚🌱 ‘Check out my blog’ #FollowMyJourney #UniqueFatso @uniquefatso #LivingMyBestLife

Labels! I am?

Labels! I am? I ordered Chinese food last week, egg-less fried rice, chips and curry sauce in a tray, vegetarian spring rolls. I had a busy week and was up late completing a few creative pieces. It arrived late. I opened the packaging and discovered that it was egg-fried rice…I was annoyed, deeply annoyed. ButContinue reading “Labels! I am?”


Daisy I would like to take a moment to share with you some fond memories of our dear friend Daisy. She was friendly, adorable and more importantly, her heart was real. Daisy loved the calf she bore, and pain consumed her thereafter. For we ripped her baby from her teat and strained her milk forever,Continue reading “Daisy”

Negative Comments

‘Don’t allow negative comments to hinder your progress.’ – Unique Fatso It has taken me years to block out the negative comments from people! My body is mine. My appearance is mine. Fat is mine. Cellulite is mine. Larger clothes, all mine. However, people from all different circles, like to comment. Why? So you don’tContinue reading “Negative Comments”

End of Me

End of Me For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing horrendous pain during menstruation.  I knew that my diet at the time (meat-based.) Was a massive contribution to Monthly Menstruation Madness and Period Pains. Which was the main reason why I switched to a vegetarian/almost vegan, plant-based diet.      That choice I madeContinue reading “End of Me”