Down Sometimes you’ll feel down and wonder what’s the point in all of this? You’ll doubt your ability to choose health and stick with your fantastic choices in life. You know deep down that choosing health is the best thing for your life. Choosing plant-based is a bonus! You’ll still doubt yourself and question isContinue reading “Down”

Missing Out? Really?

Missing Out? Really? Them: ‘Unique, I really don’t understand how you can survive without eating meat!’ Unique: ‘Well, I’ve been plant-based for a few months now. Can you still see me?’ Them: ‘I personally couldn’t live without meat! You’re brave!’ Unique: ‘I think you’re brave to continuously eat from a life that once had aContinue reading “Missing Out? Really?”

Hello Unique Fatso

Hello I’m ridiculously shy! I’m and I’m an #introvert However, it’s a new year and we all have things in common. Mine is to lose weight and become a healthier woman. 2020 #HealthyNewYear #WeightlossJourney #Motiv8 #ChooseHeath #ChooseYou #ChoosePlantBased🌱💚🌱 ‘Check out my blog’ #FollowMyJourney #UniqueFatso @uniquefatso #LivingMyBestLife

Labels! I am?

Labels! I am? I ordered Chinese food last week, egg-less fried rice, chips and curry sauce in a tray, vegetarian spring rolls. I had a busy week and was up late completing a few creative pieces. It arrived late. I opened the packaging and discovered that it was egg-fried rice…I was annoyed, deeply annoyed. ButContinue reading “Labels! I am?”

99p Is It Worth It?

99P Is It Worth It? Before A few years ago, I used to visit McDonald’s and purchase two double cheese-burgers, two portions of fries and sometimes two apple pies. I would always ask the Cashier to place them into two separate bags and smile while saying, ‘I’m getting lunch today for a friend.’ 99p wasContinue reading “99p Is It Worth It?”

Yoga FLAME/SHAME(?) nah.

Yesterday, I attended my first yoga-class. (First in about 10 years.) the teacher said we were not allowed to drink any water during. I wasn’t happy about that and considered walking out. But I stayed and breathed on. Before starting, I asked the yoga teacher if it is aimed at ‘beginners?’ He said, ‘anyone canContinue reading “Yoga FLAME/SHAME(?) nah.”


Do you ever wish you had tried something earlier? Often I fear change and avoid it where possible. However, I recently came across red/lentil penne pasta, during a recent visit to @MarksAndSpencer yesterday, I made some and it was delicious. During my meal, I thought about all those opportunities I’ve passed up: events I’ve missed,Continue reading “Try”

Tea Time with Pukka

Late last night, I made a mug of Pukka Tea, #PukkaCleanse to be exact. After consuming a large portion of battered chips 😔I felt a combination of sadness, disappointment and the need to fix it. The taste (for me) was awful. But I downed it, I finished to whole cup. It’s goodness that will noContinue reading “Tea Time with Pukka”

Kale Juice & Floradix

I’m a big advocate of kale juice. I suffer with iron deficient anaemia. My GP has advised me to take iron tablets. My nails were brittle and kept breaking. And I also experienced hair loss. The issue with those, is that they give me side affects such as; headaches, loss of taste, chest pains. SoContinue reading “Kale Juice & Floradix”

Oat Milk

So I asked myself recently, what do I need milk for? And the only answer is porridge! I absolutely LOVE porridge. So last week I made a healthy choice and purchased a healthier option, #OatMilk which is a plant based milk alternative. I haven’t yet tried it. However, it’s the only milk now available toContinue reading “Oat Milk”

Mind The Gap

#MindTheGap #ThighGap #ThunderThighs #Curves #BeYourself

The Hold Up – Sports Bras

It has taken me months to locate a ‘high support,’ sportsbra. I’ve tried on so many from Adidas and Nike (hard to purchase my size) I must say the Adidas sports bras look amazing on the mannequins. They’re impossible to get on, some appear to have been designed by a man…no offence. Finally, I triedContinue reading “The Hold Up – Sports Bras”

Fat is Fat, let’s be factual.

I purchased a box of frozen Angus beef burgers, recently. I fried them one day and grilled the rest! The grilled version left behind all that from 1 burger. Here I saw my veins, my air-intake, my heartbeat, my life. All greased up and fattened up for my crave, for processed greasy foods. It willContinue reading “Fat is Fat, let’s be factual.”

Stretchmarks 😒 Love

Over the years I’ve noticed stretchmarks appearing all over my body. And last year, they started on my stomach.  Before I used to fear getting intimate with a partner, through fear that they’ll find my stretchmarks unattractive. Caused me to end relationships, even before they got going. Through fear, I hid my body behind layersContinue reading “Stretchmarks 😒 Love”

Breakfast Time and obvious signs. ‘Hurry, hurry!’ 

I remember many years ago, breakfast had to be; scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, 4 slices of toast and a big sploge of ketchup.  One day I was happily devouring this ‘frequent’ meal down, when I experienced chest pains…sharp pains that forced me to stop eating and sit still for a moment in time. IContinue reading “Breakfast Time and obvious signs. ‘Hurry, hurry!’ “

Periods & Cravings

Another weakness of mine, is during my period; I crave alsorts! Last month it was potatoes, today its sponge cake and custard. Terrible I know – ‘I’m greedy!’ I’ve just eaten half sponge cake (with custard) and I know it’s not helpful to my health. Do you ever struggle with cravings? Are you weak? IContinue reading “Periods & Cravings”