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I’m always hearing people express their perceived losses if they chose to switch to a plant-based diet. ‘But I won’t be able to eat burgers and I love burgers!’

Honestly, I get that change is scary and when it involves giving up something that you have been taught to love, i.e. eating animals; I do understand the apprehension and I can somewhat relate to it as I’ve been there and said that!

The thing is, without change you’ll continue to receive the same results that our universe will deliver. We must change the way we eat, for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. I haven’t yet started a family of my own, but I already know I want to do as much as I can before I leave this world.

If my contribution is posting weekly on my blog, then so be it.

I know many people are incorporating/adopting a more plant-based diet and I salute them. However, I know we can all do more to protect life on our Earth and to transition across to a plant-based lifestyle. Which come ready with a plethora of positives.

I don’t miss any aspect of my previous diet that was made up of animal meat and vegetables. I’m happier with my new lifestyle – my plant-based way of living.


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