Fridays with Fatso

At my heaviest weight, the scales displayed 19 Stones and 4lbs.

I can’t tell you how hard this is for me to write. I’m ashamed of myself for eating my way to that size.

This week has been a challenging week, due to some thing’s I’m dealing with in my personal life. Not many people in today’s society acknowledge the fact that they contribute to the lives of those around them. Even if they don’t fully appreciate that fact.

For instance, you can choose to fat shame a person, or you can choose to support them on their weight-loss journey. Everything you choose to do will no doubt have an impact on those around you.

I once called for the lift as I was taking my lunch down a few floors to consume back in the office – (staff kitchen was 2 floors above the office and was crowded at the time.) The lift arrived and I saw that it had around 5 people inside, so I simply said, ‘I’ll wait for the next one.’ An older man looked me up and down and replied, ‘don’t you think you should take the stairs?’

This happened around 2013 – it is now 2020 and I recall this memory as if it happened yesterday. I remember how his blue eyes scanned my entire body, how his lips snarled before he spoke and how he turned his nose up in disgust.

It hurt and I never gained anything from this encounter, but to feel shame and hatred for myself, even more than before.

Today, I’m working towards my goal of losing 56 lbs through healthy plant-based eating and increasing exercise. You’ll begin to see more and more tools that I’ll be incorporating into my life. Not only do I wish to lose weight but I aspire to transform my lifestyle for good health. No more do I wish to be the topic of a fat-shaming moment. Nor do I wish to feel ashamed about my body and how unhealthy I’ve allowed myself to become.

It’s true, I’ve made huge progress, in terms of diet – giving up meat and transitioning across to plant-based food consumption. Walking more and pushing through my fears fitness in the great outdoors. This post wasn’t easy to share, as I’ve now told the world that at my heaviest I weighed 19 stones and 4lbs. I can’t explain enough how important it is that our society learns to be kind to others. I’ve read about people committing suicide, due to being bullied, fat-shamed about their weight. Let’s not allow more lives to be ended in such a manner.

To those of you that have fat-shamed others, please take a moment to reflect upon the impact those nasty comments can have on those people.

For all of you that have been on the receiving end of fat-shaming, I understand how it hurts and can set you back or even knock you off your health-journey. I agree, it’s a painful blow and while the scars aren’t visible, these encounters stay in your mind for a lifetime.

Please, stay strong and push through!

You are beautiful.

You are needed!

You are amazing!

Our universe needs you to stand tall and continue on your health journey, you are here for a greater purpose and I need you to remember – You are unique.


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