What to Wear?

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What to Wear?

At the start of my health journey, I knew I wanted to work out and get fitter, but I wasn’t sure what to wear. I read that its best just to put on an old t-shirt, shorts and trainers and get going. But when I did that, I wasn’t comfortable.

     I was okay doing light workouts indoors, and when I mean light, I literally laid on a towel on my bedroom floor and attempted sit-ups. Which I later discovered I wasn’t doing right

One day after reading suggestions posted in a magazine, I visited a sportswear store and tried on loads of clothes.

I conduct my movement test:

  • I squat down low to see if the bottoms fall. Because I would hate that if I was working out.
  • I do a mini jog on the spot, again to see if they fall or if the waist rolls down.
  • Finally, I wiggle about a bit, as some clothes slide down with a wiggle.

After trying on loads of running tights, I finally settled with two one was ankle length and one with calf length. Both made by Adidas – Which has since become one of my favourite brands to purchase fitness clothes from.

Despite success at purchasing suitable clothes to wear when working out, I felt overwhelmed with sifting through ‘workout clothing,’ to suit my needs. So I’ve decided to share with you my advice on What to Wear?

  • Running Tights – These are like leggings but do not chafe; they are like having a second layer of skin, fit like a glove and make me feel amazing. Many are designed to keep you cool during a run and to wick away sweat and moisture. Alternatively, you can buy thermal running tights during the colder months. When I first tried these on, I was nervous, as they fit your body and as I wasn’t confident with my appearance I didn’t feel I should be wearing them. I didn’t think they should make them in my size, which at the time was 2XL! It was many months before I ventured outside in them.
  • Vest Top – I know some people prefer to wear a hoodie or something with sleeves, but I prefer vest tops. Adidas do these specifically for runners! The vests are designed to keep you cool and wick away moisture. I like to feel air flowing through my clothes when I workout.
  • Socks – I like to wear football socks, they’re great with compression and promoting good circulation. They keep me warm when I’m running during colder days! And football socks are longer than standard pairs you get. They also have cushioning in the heel and toe areas for extra support.
  • Sports Bra – At first, I bought and trained in a basic sports bra, that I later found out is more suited to low-impact workouts. I eventually purchased a high-impact sports bra, which is excellent for running. Keeps my boobs in place and there’s more support and hardly any jiggling.
  • Gloves – They help protect my hands when I’m using weights for resistance training, riding my bike, and I like to wear them for running.
  • Running Trainers – I tried on more trainers than all those women who tried on Cinderella’s glass slipper. Ha-ha! I eventually settled with a pair from Adidas (Boost range.) I need a new pair now, but that will have to wait until after Rona leaves our world.
  • Running Jacket – I wear this during my cooler runs and to keep tissues in the pocket. Ha-ha! I have hay fever, so often I’m stopping to sneeze or wipe my nose. It also makes me feel more comfortable running, as I feel like it’s a shield of some sort. I feel super in my jacket.
  • Running Pouch – I wear this beneath my jacket, as a runner, I need to feel safe and that my belongings are hidden. I store lip balm, keys, phone and £5 inside.
  • Running Lights – For the darker mornings, I wear one on my ankle and another on my wrist, this is to ensure that I’m doing my bit to stay visible.

Well, there you have it, my advice on What to Wear! Remember to stay safe and remain visible when working out outside.

Thank you for joining my health journey, please feel free to comment, like and share.

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