Labels! I am?

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Labels! I am?

I ordered Chinese food last week, egg-less fried rice, chips and curry sauce in a tray, vegetarian spring rolls. I had a busy week and was up late completing a few creative pieces.

It arrived late.

I opened the packaging and discovered that it was egg-fried rice…I was annoyed, deeply annoyed. But I didn’t call them up and complain, I ate it.

Afterwards, I felt guilty and I messaged one of my friends via WhatsApp. I explained to him what had happened, and he recommended that I share this with you.

It got me thinking, many of affix a label to ourselves. The name I placed against my way of eating.

I thought about how terrible I felt about consuming that portion of food – However, I couldn’t punish myself permanently over it. And I’m sharing this, as I hope no one else is beating themselves up over a blip.

I was raised on the notion that meat & dairy are the core foods in our meals. I gave up meat a few months ago, and meat is something I know for sure I will never eat again. My title changed to Vegetarian. (I don’t consume cows’ milk or cows’ butter. But I did use eggs from time to time, mainly for baking.) I then felt I was ready to give up the use of eggs and I changed my title to Vegan.

Then I slipped up and ate egg in the meal that was delivered. What label is more fitting now? Flexigan? Flexible-vegan? Vegetarian? What? It’s all a bit of a headache.

 I am an individual who consumes plant-based meals.

I am honest with myself. I’m never going to post-up just for the sake of it, I’ll always be true to myself and honest to you all.

The purpose of this post is to remind you all that none of us are perfect and I doubt I’m the only person to trip up at the start of a Vegan life. I’m not going to dwell over it, life goes on and we all make mistakes. It’s about how you own it afterwards.

Labels? I am?

A Plant-based Promoter

A Plant-powered Writer

I am, a Ditsy Day-dreamer who loves oat-milk and pictures of ducks.

My weight loss journey isn’t without the pitfalls. It’s about how I embrace them and move forward. Dwelling is negative energy – negative energy is still energy. Let us not waste energy on negative thoughts. Self-punishment and self-blame.

Shit happens.

Life goes on.

Don’t feel pinned to a title, it’s just that, a title!

You are you, and you are UNIQUE




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4 thoughts on “Labels! I am?

  1. It’s a difficult situation – I’m guessing you ate it to avoid wastage? – just throwing it out seems wrong. I’ve been vegan (and gluten free) for 7 years and I’ve heard so many different opinions about what is and isn’t acceptable. If in doubt, people tend to call themselves plant-based. In the end though we just have to be true to our ethical beliefs and do what we think is best.

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