Why Plant-Based?

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Why PlantBased?

For the Animals

Years ago, I was off work due to feeling ill. While in bed and when I owned a television, I clicked onto a link via Twitter. It took me to YouTube – A video of workers shoving metal tubes down the throats of geese, force-feeding them to make Foie Gras!

I was disgusted and felt anger and resentment toward these people. But at the same time, I continued to devour meat burgers, meat-based meals and almost all my meals contained some form of meat on my plate. It was a considerable challenge rewiring my brain to agree that the chicken dishes I was eating was inherently wrong.

Over the years, I switched to a vegetarian diet, but that only lasted a few days. By 2019, August! (possibly July) I had given up meat FOR LIFE.

Ponder with me for a moment, place your hand over your heart and feel it beat.

Cuddle your dog/cat and feel their hearts beating.

The meat you consume once formed the body of an animal that had a heart that beat just as yours beats. The cute lil duckling photos you like on social media before tucking into your animal-based meal. Makes no logical sense.

I understand it is a challenge to first acknowledge meat is not food, then to accept it is not for human consumption, than to abdicate from eating meat again. I know the uphill challenge entirely – It has taken me years.

For Our Environment

Because life in plastic is FANTASTIC.

We buy for today and discard before tomorrow.

All the Plantbased, Vegan, Vegetarian eaters – Are the living evidence that we DO NOT need meat. Our world is perishing in front of our eyes, yet many still incorporate the corpse of an animal into their weekly shop. Delivered to their stomachs daily.

There is no need for me to expand here because this information is widely known and available. Eating meat is the most significant detriment next to plastic that is murdering Mother Earth.

For My Health

I’ve touched on briefly in some of my 2018 posts, how much my plantbased diet has helped my health.

  • My hair is growing.
  • Energy is up.
  • Nails are growing.
  • Skin is clearer.
  • Bowel movement daily!

I feel healthier, look healthier and live healthier due to my meat-free lifestyle.

Finally, thank you.

If my blog provides at least one person with a spark of inspiration, then my blog is a success.

I appreciate there will be people that do not agree with anything. However, I implore you to adopt a meat-free healthy journey and reap the seeds you sow with plant-based living.

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