The Rotten Side of Life

The Rotten Side of Life

I was once a meat-eater, so I do understand, the thought process behind eating meat. It’s how many of us were raised.

I know many of you have seen PETA videos or some blog post about the cruelty to animals. So that’s not what I’m about to share with you here.

I want you to think about a few things as you read through this list I’ve composed.

  • Animals are what the industry calls ‘artificially inseminated.’ Aka raped.
  • Cows can only produce milk for their newborns – However, those of you that consume cows milk, are effectively drinking milk for baby cows.
  • Baby cows are given a human-made powdered mix to drink.
  • Their mother’s milk is drained daily and bottled up and sold to humans.
  • The male cows are fattened up and then slaughtered. So all those meat-eaters that states, ‘I only buy free-range!’ What does that mean to the corpse of the cow you now devour?
  • They have special tools to carry out all of the above. They have tools to forcibly impregnate cows, tools to separate the cows from their calves, tools to steal the milk produced for their off-spring and sell it to humans, tools to kill cows, slice them up, package them and sell their body parts for meat-eaters to consume.

None of this is normal!

None of the above is fair!

Imagine if one day, they decided to do that to you and your loved ones. Would you be against it then?

Essentially, you are eating parts of animal corpses, and you have death on your lips. You are validated by a receipt or card transaction. Just because it is for sale, does not make it acceptable!

There is no justification for the mass killings of animals for food consumption.

Animals are not food!

Animals are life!

  • COVID-19
  • Influenza
  • Bubonic Plague
  • Ebola
  • Lyme Disease
  • SARS

All from the consumption of some form of animal species.  Have we still not learned to stop consuming animals? Agriculture is killing our earth, but it is growing due to the high demand for animal flesh.

The rotten side of life is the side animal eaters exude, each time they kill, pack, sell, buy and eat animal flesh.

The preservation of human life is no match for the cravings of stomachs around the world.

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