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I would like to take a moment to share with you some fond memories of our dear friend Daisy. She was friendly, adorable and more importantly, her heart was real.

Daisy loved the calf she bore, and pain consumed her thereafter. For we ripped her baby from her teat and strained her milk forever, and ever and?

You bought Daisy!

A few lbs for £6. Bargain, right? Done! DEAL!

Remember your school trip to the farm, where Daisy greeted you at the fence. Her family moo’d at you, and you were happy. Elated, this beautiful animal is delighted to meet you. Remember when you reached through the wooden fence and stroked her? You felt like a hero and she felt appreciated.

You bought a piece of Daisy!

Oh! What are you making?

Our dear friend of the earth, Daisy was dragged from her caged milking section to the slaughterhouse. She was beaten and kicked by abusive people. Her tail was yanked, she was prodded with a metal rod. Her ears were sore from the grinding noises in the room she was being forced to enter. Painful from all the shouting from the abusers – I can’t use the term workers. That is not work, it’s abuse.

You visited a shop and bought a piece of Daisy!

Yeah. You said you’re cooking for the family.

Daisy was taken away from her mother the moment she was born. Subsequently having her calves stolen from her. Her heart was real.

You visited a shop and bought a piece of Daisy, that was wrapped in plastic.

You now call her beef. And say, ‘I bought some beef today.’

Correct yourself, ‘I bought some Daisy today.’

Her body, butchered, packed, sold and a piece bought by you.

We have gathered here today to remember Daisy.

Part of her back was minced and, part of that is now in your fridge. The other part is still on the shelves in the shop you like to visit.

You made a family meal.

We are gathered here today to bid farewell to Daisy, who we feel is with us in spirit. Part of her is in pieces in the stomachs of those that are ignorant.

Daisy love, my Daisy love. We need you, oh! How we need you.

Until we have no earth left to ruin.

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