Unique Fatso’s curves


I’m curvy, and I know it.

I can’t hide away; my body shows it.

I own these curves, and don’t I know it!

My intrigue is captured by the way some people cherish some curves and mock others. Definition of a curve: ‘a line or outline which gradually deviates from being straight for some or all of its length.’ – Google

Some of my curves have more than one-fold, some crease lines darken, and some areas never feel cold. Some are scared and stretched, all today years old!

I used to hate them so much, and I used to try and wish away the fat and the overhang. Now I embrace my curves. I welcome them because they form parts of me. I’m working on my health and fitness each day.

I believe I’ll always have curves, even if some of them melt away.

I hope you all feel proud of how far you have come.

Even if this is your first day – Take pride in knowing you have started.

Don’t fear the unknown, embrace it – I started this blog to help me on my journey. You may decide to create one too, or you may develop your ways along your journey. Life isn’t about dwelling on the aspects people make negative. I believe life is about transforming and evolving into better versions of yourself.

My body is my body, and although there will be people out there who specialise in fat-shaming and other forms of bullying. Their thoughts and opinions no longer get attention from me.

Sadly, they invest so much energy into negative outputs.

Some curves are round, and curves are soft.

Some curves are ample, and curves are small.

Some curves are stretched and curves bare scars.

We are human, and we are here, we exist, we have curves!

I’m Unique, and you’re Unique and, our Universe loves all of us.

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I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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