The Marble Jar Method

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Good Morning Everyone,

I do hope your weight-loss journey is going positive for you? Do let me know in the comments section below, I do enjoy communicating with those of you on the same weight-loss experience.

For a while, I’ve been reading a lot of literature both online and in print. I spend time reading about aspects of weight-loss and sifting out what may apply to my health journey. I came across an image on Instagram, that suggested this method that I’m now sharing with you all.


  1. Decide on how much weight you want to lose? I’ve decided that I’m going to lose 4stones which is equal to 56lbs. Each marble is the equivalent of 1lb
  2. Then label both jars: One with the word ‘LOSS’ and the other with the word, ‘CURRENT.’ Or words you feel that will fit/mean the same thing.
  3. Place your weight-loss goal in lbs on the 3rd label, and position that above the label, ‘CURRENT.’
  4. Count out your marbles! Haha, with this part I became so distracted. I mean, who didn’t enjoy playing with marbles as a child? I counted out 56 in about 2hrs lol.
  5. Place the counted marbles into the jar labelled, ‘CURRENT.’
  6. As you lose weight, move the appropriate number of marbles across to the jar titled, ‘LOSS.’

I hope you find this tip useful, and you feel motivated to lose weight and enjoy your journey. I want you to know that I’m here with you and you may reach out by commenting below or completing a contact form. I will always try to respond directly to you, if not, I will certainly make a blog post and share my answers.

Once again, best wishes.


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