Fat Fridays: BBQ Belly Buster – 22.07.2022

On the hottest day recorded in UK history, I received an invitation to attend a BBQ!

Usually, I would decline, and to be honest with you, my only plan was to return home and try my best to cool down. However, I rarely go out due to my insecurities about my body and sometimes just wanting time alone.

I felt a sense of delight as I took about two minutes to reply, and even then, I felt great. Getting there was a hard feat. Boarding a bus service where the temperature was x10 hotter than the outside, and the air conditioning remained? No where to be felt.

Sometimes I have these questions about being a fatso and eating food. Like, should I be allowed to eat? I know that sounds weird, but I will think that eating shouldn’t be permitted if you’re fat. I know those thoughts are negative and ridiculous. But I can’t deny those dark thoughts that float around my mind and squeeze my stomach like a free gastric band.

A few roads melted, and we sweated through the baking summer nights. There I was, drooling over a vegan burger being grilled on the BBQ. For a short moment, I thought about how I looked eating – but then I remembered family surrounded me, and the evening was so chilled, and I could sit back and enjoy myself. It was the most excellent evening I’ve enjoyed in a long time, and I appreciate being invited. I’m happy I accepted and went along for fun.

My plate contained the following:

  • 1 Vegan Burger
  • 7 sliced Cherry Tomatoes
  • ½ Cucumber Sliced
  • Coleslaw and a splash of sauce.

I felt like participating in this food event was not for me! I was wrong. Very wrong.

I had the most fantastic experience I’ve had in a long time. Furthermore, my family were happy I showed up. I remembered the only limits that exist in my life, are the ones that I keep slathering across my life.

A lot of changes have been made this month and I feel the benefits from deep within. All progressive and 100% positive.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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