Week One: Fatso’s Fitness – August 2020

Monday 3rd August I didn’t do much today; I’m menstruating and feel exhausted with everything that’s going on in my life. Do you know when your support networks are faulty? I ‘ve just wanted to sleep all day today. Tuesday 4th August I had planned on going out for a 45-minute walk. But that’s notContinue reading “Week One: Fatso’s Fitness – August 2020”

Welcome August 2020

This month I’ve decided to focus on my cycling, as I’m not a great cyclist. I’ll be riding short distances first and seeing how I get on.I know cycling is great for an all-over body workout, so I aim to shed at least 8lbs this month.What are your fitness plans over the coming weeks? AndContinue reading “Welcome August 2020”