Tea Time with Pukka

Late last night, I made a mug of Pukka Tea, #PukkaCleanse to be exact.

After consuming a large portion of battered chips πŸ˜”I felt a combination of sadness, disappointment and the need to fix it.

The taste (for me) was awful. But I downed it, I finished to whole cup. It’s goodness that will no doubt, have me glowing from within.

I can’t expect to do everything I enjoy and accomplish new results. Therefore, if it means gulping down a cup of horrid tea – I’ll do it! And I’ll keep doing it.

Different action, better results!

I’m not telling you to do things you hate. I’m saying, that just because I love eating chips – doesn’t mean I’m going to get fitter and healthier by eating them. The tea was vile for me. But I know that it’s better that a bag of chips any day and everyday!

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