Welcome, September 2021

Welcome, September 2021!

The month of August was a period filled with gains and losses. I struggle with the thought that I haven’t accomplished all I set out to during that month and I know, that’s an area of my life that I’m working on.

The positives are that I learned how to lose weight and was consistent for several weeks. The final week of August, I dipped – predominantly due to external factors.

September! I aim to have my time to myself and not dispense and share every spare second, with others who ‘need’ me. While I love to help others and I’m extremely supportive, I recognise that I can’t be ignoring my needs as a woman, for the sake of others.

This month with be a month of thy self!

  • Self-love
  • Self-care
  • Self-appreciation
  • Self-trust
  • Self-reliance

I’m not going to exert myself helping others when I need to take care of myself. Which is something I have always felt guilty about doing.

This month is about self-improvement, which I know will lead to better times.

Live a healthy life


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