Triggers for Period Pain

I’ve pretty much been in bed for the last four days. I’ve been feeling quite tired due to this month’s menstruation. Which got me thinking about diet & nutrition when menstruating.

I was overcome with cravings for seeded toast with sweet popcorn sprinkled over it. And deep-fried beans with chunky chips. Only, I never gave in to those cravings as salt and sugar exasperate period cramps. They also cause me to bloat, which adds to the standard monthly bouts of pain.

It’s strange because growing up we are taught to ‘treat ourselves’ to have that chocolate doughnut because we deserve it all for being on our periods! Those few minutes of pleasure can add time to hours of pain and discomfort. I’ve learnt over this past year that everything you eat affects you in some way, shape or form – Whether that is positive or negative, is another question. But we are affected by what we eat!

I remember during my periods previously; I would be so happy to race into Selfridges and buy a box of Krispy Kremes! Like my womb was screaming out, ‘You’ve earned this Unique!’ I was lying to myself and those around me – during the period related conversations I was indulging in.

I hope the society we are growing up in changes to reflect more honest and factual content. The shit that’s seeped deep into the veins of information available, means many of us have grown up misinformed.

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2 thoughts on “Triggers for Period Pain

  1. I know right! So many times I genuinely didn’t want any more dinner, but because desert was so nice – I used to clear my plate and be proud about that.


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