Update: My Monthly Menstruation

Last month I wrote about the horrible pains I had experienced during my period.

Last month I wrote about the horrible pains I had experienced during my period. And how I believed that the foods I was consuming, were causing the unbearable and consistent pains.

Well this month, my period arrived on the 29th of June.

Day 1: Mild period pains light flow, infrequent cramps.
Day 2: Mild period pains light flow. Cravings for rice, fried rice. (Never gave in, I ate porridge and crumpets.)
Day 3: Medium level period pain, I was craving fried rice with chicken. Ate boiled potatoes!
Day 4: Medium level period of pain, cramps were more frequent than day 3. I meditated a couple of times and done a few full-bodied stretches. And had vegan sausages!
Day 5: Medium level period pain, STRONG cravings for fried-rice. Had a hot bubble-bath, and ate fried plantain.
Day 6: Mild pain, barely noticeable at times. Snacked on vegan sausage rolls.
Day 7: Period? What period.

Each time I craved food that wasn’t healthy, I forced myself to eat something healthier or drink a large glass of water infused with a few drops of lemon juice.
Lemon water and fruits have been fantastic – I doubt anything will ever eliminate period pains. But removing meat from my diet, it has worked a treat.

I’m no expert and will never claim to be one. However, I do feel that meat has a detrimental impact on my body during menstruation. Therefore, going forward, I won’t be eating any meat during my period.
It felt so amazing that I didn’t have to go through those horrible pains. It felt great to drink lemon water and have clearer skin during that time of the month. Usually, my face is covered in spots, but this time, I had like two tiny ones.
I felt empowered that I didn’t give in to my cravings and that I was focused enough to meditate and to take a few minutes out to stretch.
Don’t get me wrong, there were moments I couldn’t sleep, and I was overheated but I persevered and YOU can too.

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