Week One: Fatso’s Fitness – August 2020

Monday 3rd August

I didn’t do much today; I’m menstruating and feel exhausted with everything that’s going on in my life. Do you know when your support networks are faulty? I ‘ve just wanted to sleep all day today.

Tuesday 4th August

I had planned on going out for a 45-minute walk. But that’s not going to be happening. I’ve been in bed for hours upon hours.

Wednesday 5th August

Noted down as a rest day. And I truly have rested today, I checked off nothing on my to-do list.

Thursday 6th August

I went for a long walk today, had planned 45 minutes but ended up walking for about 1hrs and 30 minutes, with 15kg weight in tow. It was baking outside and I was sweating, kept up with my water intake and powered through the streets, all the way home.

Proud is how I felt. I think during menstruation, I just need to rest up. But towards the end and when its over, I feel more motivated to get out and about.

Friday 7th August

I borrowed a folding bike from Brompton 😊 The fear I felt as I sat down onto the saddle and pushed forward on the cycle. HONESTLY, I was frightened.

Until that point, I hadn’t been on a cycle in a very long time. I made a mental note at the time, that I fear many things in life and then I stir it around my thoughts, over and over. Until I convince myself only bad will come from it.

However, I felt like a Super-Hero cycling around the local park and around a few quiet streets.

Saturday 8th August

WOW! What a challenging day it has been for me.

I decided to return the Brompton today, as my bum and legs were stiff from cycling yesterday. However, the locker was based in the heart of the city centre, which meant I had the chance to push this amazing bike through the city, or saddle up and cycle.

I did both! Haha.

I pushed it up, parts of the route that had steep hills. And I cycled as much as I could. What a feeling! Apologies for my misuse of the exclamation mark, but I’m so proud. I cycled my way through a few core fears. I sweated like a jacket-potato, drizzled in olive oil and wrapped in foil. But I made it!

I then gulped the water I had packed in my backpack and walked back home.

Sunday 9th August

Had planned on going out for a jog/run, but I couldn’t my body was tired and it’s better to rest and relax than to overexert myself. I had a hot and steamy shower, then I gave my home a good deep clean.

Total Weight Loss this Month = 2lbs

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