Tea Anyone?

📸Unique Fatso

I ate too much food last night.

I felt so full and bloated after, so I had a cup of this tea. Surprisingly so, I was able to relieve my bowels within 30 minutes.

I went to bed a little more comfortable than I had started. I’m sharing this with you because, often herbal teas are overlooked, in favour of chemicalised medication. (I’m not saying that prescriptions aren’t sometimes needed.) But do educate yourself first and try to find a natural plant-based product that you can try.

I mean, wheres the harm in trying first?

I drank 2/3 of this herbal tea and it was the best thing I had done last night. I felt much better in the morning and started my day with a plant-based smoothie. Weightloss is about learning what’s best for your health. There’s not a one-size-fits-all with my methodology.

What do you use to ease bloating and discomfort?

Have you tried herbal teas before?

I’m interested in YOU.


Unique Fatso

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