Fat Fridays: Colouring, Counselling and Conclusions – 06.05.2022

I have been struggling with my mental health over the last few months, and recently, it has become even more challenging lately. Things that were once grey in my life have now started to form colours, and if I’m candid about it, these memories are hard to process or even accept.

     ‘I’m not sure if we appreciate that we go through so much,’ – Friend. This is true as I have been through a lot, and I forget to take a step back to appreciate that I have survived some shitty days, and I forget to acknowledge that I’m here to tell the tale.

These fractions of my life have interfered with my health and fitness, as I seek comfort through the form of food. Over-indulging in things I know are detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I’m adding salt to fried, baked beans and knowing that this will cause me to become more thirsty and want to drink more fluids.

     A weird cycle that spins around and around, with added sprinkles of salt and extra spoonfuls of sugar and a few packs of crisps.

     I will be having sessions with a Counsellor soon, which I hope will help me process everything and manage my mental health better. Which, in turn, should aid my stability by refraining from the sweet seduction of pancakes with raspberry jam or chips!

Today is a new day and a wonderful time for me to start over, and I know it is something I repeat, repeat, delete and repeat. Weight loss is a challenging affair, and I cheat on it by eating the wrong foods or lack of fitness. I think it’s time for an exploration of the deep mind and a delicate excavation of the reasons my diet keeps failing.

Do I fear the findings? Absolutely, but it’s time to do this and understand the deep-rooted reason I overeat. Once I figure it out, I will update you.

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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