Fat Fridays: Perfection – 30.07.2021

Fat Fridays – What is Perfection? 30.07.2021


I would spend hours staring at skinny women in magazines, wishing I was thin. I would pinch my body and try to guess how many inches of fat I need to shed to achieve what I would deem beautiful.’

Time wasted by indulging in images of women who represent one body type! This body type was depicted by society to equate to having good health and better prospects in life.

They made all the thin women in these images look like they were living their best lives while eating burgers – posing in the latest trends and gobbling up every bit of junk food while remaining picturesque.


I understand that our bodies differ in shape, size and markings – such as beauty spots, etc. No two bodies are alike. I’ve learnt that curvy people are just as beautiful! I have curves and trust me when I say I have hated them in the past. I used to hide away from the world, like the monster Dr Frankenstein created. I would hide through fear of judgement and even more horrible comments.

Today, my confidence builds each day, and I’m even at that stage where I’m sharing images of myself and understanding what my body needs to thrive.  I appreciate what our bodies are different. I mean, who wants to look the same?


Embrace your individuality!

Life consists of many combinations of people, experiences, memories and love. So I implore anyone reading this to be proud of their body, fuel it with wholesome foods and remember perfection does not exist.

Your body is beautiful.

Live a plant-based life!


Unique Fatso

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