Welcome July 2021

Welcome July 1st

Today is the first day of July!

A new month and a great time to begin something new, such as increasing your fitness, improving your diet or meditating an additional day per week.

Why is it essential to reflect?

It’s crucial to reflect because it allows us the chance to pause and assess how things are going and if we’ve accomplished our goals. In addition, reflection helps us to work through areas in our lives that we feel are stagnant or personal trauma that may have been holding us back.

How was the Month of June?

I had a mixed month, a few delightful moments such as my birthday and a beautiful picnic. However, I also had several challenging periods where I felt low and had to push through the bad days, like when my laptop broke down.

My Hopes for July?

Learn more mushroom-based dishes, as I love mushrooms and I enjoy creating new meals to eat. This month I hope to cycle more and learn how to pump and repair my bike tires. I’m particularly looking forward to developing other areas on my blog regarding nutrition and sharing some more plant-based ideas.

Body Positivity

This month I’m learning to love myself more. As I recognise, I can become self-deprecating, and that’s something I must work on. Therefore, my goal is to understand my body and accept that everybody is different.

I wish you all a joyful July!

Live a healthy life,


Unique Fatso

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I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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