Body Parts

Unique Fatso’s wrist

Body Parts

I have one body, I have many parts. I dote on some parts and wish others were better looking.

Why do I do this?

Why do you do this?

Why do we behave in this manner?

Society consistently tells us, through voice, words and images that we should look a certain way. Once we look a certain way, we will achieve certain things! Fame, fortune, favourability and let us not forget, we won’t be forgotten!

I love my wrists I fragrance it with The Scent by Hugo Boss, I feel special whenever I spray it on my wrists, my neck and my collarbone. For a moment, I’m only focused on those body parts, I forget about the extra weight I’m carrying or the bag of chips and curry sauce I’m craving, but I don’t need.

Aged 17 society told me I should be skinny, like those models in the magazines. Models in magazines that state they’re promoting the latest trends, but left me feeling insecure and out of place. Wasn’t skinny enough to even dream about being one of them.

I remember seeing models eat burgers!

Drink fizzy-pop and manage to pinch some from the plate next to them. Remaining skinny throughout. I often felt that when I ate such foods, I felt the weight embedding itself within my stomach.

Did I mention how much I love my wrists? We all have favourite body parts. Someone I once knew loved my hands. Someone I know loves my eyes. But what of the eyes? They show me who I am.

I’m more than just a body part, I’m Unique Fatso!

I know we all tend to focus on certain parts of our bodies and others ‘my favourite body part is…’ the fact is, we should express gratitude for what we have. If I were only a set of wrists, what good would that be?

I have a beautiful mind, intriguing personality and emit vibes from our universe.

Equally, you all have divine hearts, and while they continue beating, I want us to focus on being the best we can be! Not what society deems we should be.

There is no other you!

You are amazing, I need you to know that.

Every inch of your body is yours, and you are working towards better health. I’m proud of you.

My body exudes magic.

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